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The Presidential Pardon for the Hammonds – Another Reason to Love the Constitution

The President of these United States must uphold his oath of office and check the corrupted judicial branch by issuing a pardon; hence the existence of a constitutional pardon and absolute need for its exercise by President Donald Trump for the Hammond family.

Trump Pardons Hammonds!

On Tuesday, President Trump pardoned Oregon cattle ranchers, Dwight and Steven Hammond, who had been serving sentences for arson.

Trump Pardons Dinesh D’Souza – What About The Hammonds?

I'm thrilled for Mr. D'Souza, but I wonder why the Trump administration has not taken to caring for the Hammond family in light of the injustices they faced at the hands of the federal government.

Just like Bundy Ranch, the Hammonds’ Ranch is Valuable to the BLM – Here’s...

This article was first published at Freedom Outpost. During the Bundy Ranch Siege of 2014, it was discovered the various connections of the Bureau of...

North Dakota: Somali Woman With Lengthy Criminal Record Threatens To “Slice Your Neck” –...

A Grand Forks woman from Somalia was arrested for making terrorist threats against three people by using a knife to cut them up, but instead of owning her threats, which are derived from the Koran, she played the victim, claiming that she is innocent and committed no crime. 

Political Prisoner Jerry DeLemus Speaks Out On “Issues That Put Me Here In Prison”

There is a time for Americans to stand up for their rights and especially for the right to not be killed. That was our concern in Nevada, the information the government hid was about the sniper teams aiming rifles at the Bundy family. It was worth the stand. -Jerry DeLemus

Trump’s SCOTUS Pick: More Of The Same

Kavanaugh is a favorite of the establishment. Judge Andrew Napolitano rightly called Kavanaugh a “swamp pick.” He said that Kavanaugh was the “heart and soul of the DC establishment.” He said that Kavanaugh is “a big government guy.” Napolitano also quoted Kavanaugh as repeatedly saying that “the President [ANY President] can do no wrong.”

Clemency Decision Imminent For Oregon Ranchers Dwight & Steven Hammond?

It's time President Trump do the right thing.  This is not a hard decision.

A Riveting, Inside Account of the Malheur Refuge Occupation

I cannot even imagine the grief one would experience at watching a child being led away from a courtroom, headed for federal prison.  Roxsanna Ryan has felt that grief, as her son Jake was led away to federal prison last month.  Before his sentencing, Jake penned a lengthy letter explaining his involvement in the occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge; a side that was, of course, not covered by the mainstream news whores.

Sessions Authorizes DOJ to Consider Investigating Clinton Foundation

On Tuesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions sent a letter to the House Judiciary Committee on Monday night in which he informed them that he...