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Eggers feels that even though Democrats plan to cheat in an attempt to steal the election, there’s one big problem with their plan. And that was the election of President Donald Trump.

Behind every dark, ugly global scheme, he lurks — like Dracula — waiting to pounce on the good, the decent and the free.

What does Kareem Abdul-Jabbar have to say about these “traditional Muslim behaviors”? Nothing? Now, why is that?

President Trump and Congress should pursue a policy of free markets and free trade for all and bailouts for none.

After a former deputy announced he was running for sheriff, his home was raided and his wife was kidnapped by deputies.

Unfortunately, the experts assure us that the “Big One” is definitely coming to the west coast at some point, and all of this seismic activity may be an indication that it is coming sooner rather than later.

Can it really be coincidence that a Chinese spy ended up in Dianne Feinstein’s office? Maybe she was simply repaying a favor to her Chinese friends. Those friends have made her and her husband millions and millions of dollars. Though Feinstein is only worth $45 million, her husband is worth an estimated $1 billion.

Today is the anniversary of the CIA working with the UK in a conspiracy to overthrow the democratically elected leader of Iran to give their oil to BP.

It’s always sad when a lefty peers out of his fragile bubble and realizes that even most of his actual base doesn’t actually hate America.