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While the focus on North Korea has been their improvement of missiles and a potential nuclear strike against the United States, many have missed an equally sinister weapon lingering in the rogue nation’s arsenal.  And experts say that it’s time to take notice of it. Experts say there’s another weapon

The sharia-enforcing leftwing/Islamic war on free speech just escalated. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, AdSense et al are rigidly enforcing sharia-adherent speech restrictions, blocking our feeds, pages, and posts. Now this. Research by BuzzFeed News reveals that stories about Muslims that have been changed or entirely retracted…. They’re working hard to

As a parent who struggles to pay the tuition for their child at the average university in America, or goes in debt borrowing the money, consider what your child must face in order to finish a four years of college education which may or may not help them get a

I am sure by now you all are aware of the recent devastating event in Charlottesville, Virginia, where a 20 year-old, sin-possessed man named James Alex Fields, Jr. plowed his car through a crowd of demonstrators practicing their First Amendment right of assembly. Following this godless event, President Donald Trump

(Updated) Just in case the horrifying events in Charlottesville, Virginia this past weekend weren’t enough of a warning about the dangers of political extremism, it looks like we’re gearing up for an idealogic civil war across the country, complete with violence and death. This weekend, massive Alt-Right rallies are scheduled across the

Everyone wants to live in a clean environment that is free of pollution and excessive degradation. It’s normal to want to live beside pristine forests and seas, and not have to worry about being poisoned by contaminants in the air, soil, and water. As humans, we don’t always succeed in

Last Thursday, President Donald Trump declared that the trend in prescription opioid use in America, dubbed the “opioid crisis” by the federal government, is a national emergency that will be addressed with federal money and the use of “all appropriate emergency and other authorities to respond to the crisis,” according to a

General William Tecumseh Sherman once erased Atlanta from the face of the earth using fire, 150 years later leftwing social justice warriors (SJW) are looking to erase Atlanta’s past again. Overnight the city of Baltimore removed every vestige of the Confederacy from their streets in the ongoing effort to placate

I know that the headline sounds over the top, but this has actually been confirmed by German intelligence and by the mainstream media. ISIS terrorists have been using the refugee program to sneak into North America and Europe, and yet very little is being done to stop this from happening.

Several Obama holdovers who led initiatives at odds with President Donald Trump’s foreign policy remain on the staff of National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group has learned. About 40 of the National Security Council’s (NSC) 250 officials — nearly one in six — are