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Article first appeared at The Free Thought Project. Washington, D.C. – An investigation by a New York Times affiliate has revealed that billionaire globalist financier George Soros, who recently called Donald Trump a “would-be dictator” during an interview at Davos, and whose Open Society Foundation works to finance and forward

Article first appeared at The Free Thought Project. Georgetown, SC — It appears that throwing a paper airplane at your teacher in school is now a police-enforced punishable offense consisting of jail time. An Andrews High School student is now learning the hard way about the repercussions of silly childhood pranks

Article first appeared at The Free Thought Project. Pittsburgh, PA — A family is now grieving after a home invasion left their beloved Christopher Mark Thompkins dead. The burglar, however, was not the one to kill Thompkins — the police who responded to the 9-1-1 call did. “They shot the

Article first appeared at The Free Thought Project. During the run-up to the election and up until the inauguration, Donald Trump made repeated promises to release his tax returns. However, like all presidents before him, after he was sworn in, he quickly began breaking promises and releasing his tax return

Article first appeared at The Free Thought Project. Washington, D.C. — Here at the Free Thought Project we are non-partisan and are unafraid to call out the good and bad we see in Washington, no matter who does it. Included in one of the many executive orders signed by president

Is nothing sacred these days? Are there no issues at all that the Democrats don’t operate using a complete double standard? After all the Democrat whining prior to Election Day about how “dangerous” it was for Donald Trump to even suggest he might not instantly accept the voting results, since

For many, the word Sharia brings dreaded images to mind. The suppression of women and the long Burqas worn by Saudi women might come to mind. The stoning of accused adulterers in Iran is another. But what about a happy young girl glad for Sharia. This is the tale of

What a disturbing and vile worldview the liberal protesters who took to the streets this past weekend must have. One example of the ugliness was showcased during the D.C. protests as a large crowd gathered outside of the Trump International Hotel. Throughout the day anyone seemingly associated with the hotel,

One of the primary things that Trump’s presidency will be judged upon is his ability to encourage the creation of good paying jobs for American workers, and so far the results have been quite promising.  Since Trump’s surprise election victory in November, a whole bunch of companies have either promised

Though Obama promised hope and change to his supporters back in 2008, it should be clear that nothing of the sort actually happened during his eight years in the White House. As Joe Joseph of The Daily Sheeple highlights in his latest Daily News Brief, President Trump has a lot