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The main take-away from all of this is – in order to implement a socialist government, the people have to be disarmed so the government can rob the people of their property.

DC’s funding is OUR tax money! It’s being used against us.

Qasir and Amoon need our help. Please publicize their plight on any platform you have. The more attention we call to these human rights abuses, the better chance we have of getting the perpetrators to stop, and give justice to people such as Qasir and Amoon and so many others like them.

After endless months of gloom and doom, it’s hard not to feel like Charlie Brown in A Charlie Brown Christmas as he struggles to feel happy and find the true meaning of Christmas in the midst of rampant commercialism, political correctness and the casual cruelty of an apathetic, self-absorbed, dog-eat-dog world.

A jury has awarded a teen $6 million after a cop slammed the handcuffed and unresponsive boy face-first into the concrete, leaving him brain-damaged and in a coma.

Whether or not Westmoreland will remain fired from the show remains to be seen. However, Disney may have no problem hiring him back when he gets out of jail.

Newly elected Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who herself is a Somali who represents Minnesota’s 5th Congressional district, was present at the protest to demand Amazon become more Islamic. She suggested that making Muslims package holiday gifts in the factory stripped them of their “dignity”.

This could be a defining point in Donald Trump’s presidency.  If he is a man of his word, he will force a government shutdown and fight for what he believes. But if he caves and gives the Democrats everything that they want once again, the entire nation will know that he is just another typical Republican.

It’s so important to understand the original cause of the problem, and that is the Federal Reserve running up debt and letting politicians spend money.