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But the major event – the mass shooting a high school in Florida – did not bring people together; it only divided them further.

We cannot stop mass shootings by banning guns. We need to look seriously into the psychotropic drugs that more and more Americans are being prescribed. We need to demand that our elected Representatives demand a real day of reckoning at the FBI. We need to keep focused and ignore those who politicize such events.

It’s good to know that some citizens are well aware and have the courage to reveal this information to the public. Then there are the powers that be that stand ready to silence them.

This is a nation that has sacrificed thousands of its young girls to the fear of being “racist” and “Islamophobic.”

It has always been painfully obvious that disgraced FBI special investigator Andrew McCabe didn’t resign over some cheezy anti-Trump texts to his adulteress mistress. Now it all makes sense.

A man who sparked a massive manhunt for killing a police officer in November of 2015 has just been found not guilty after claiming he acted in self-defense.

Facebook actually present a greater danger to our culture and civilization than it does an opportunity for growth.

America is drowning in debt, but of course, our problems go far beyond that.  Our economic, political, cultural and spiritual problems go very deep, and we desperately need to change course as a nation.

Smart grids, smart meters, and smart switches will allow utilities to spy on its customers without a warrant in terms of energy consumption, types of appliances they have, when owners are and aren’t home, and then sell other data about your home to an interested third party. Thieves can also easily find out when you are and aren’t home.

If the enemedia propaganda machine were broken, Americans would vote for conservatives in much greater numbers than they do now. The left knows this, too. That’s why CNN publishes articles like this one.