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Is the stock market bubble about to burst?  I know that I have been touching on this theme over and over and over again in recent weeks, but I can’t help it.  Red flags are popping up all over the place, and the last time so many respected experts were warning about an imminent stock market

The Islamic State (ISIS) last Friday released a poster depicting Pope Francis beheaded, following quickly after its threat to attack the Vatican and draw “Christmas blood.” If the Pope has been apprised of this, he must feel piqued at their ingratitude: after all he has done for Islam, this is the

It’s remarkable that whenever you read an article about Yemen in the mainstream media, the central role of Saudi Arabia and the United States in the tragedy is glossed over or completely ignored. A recent Washington Post article purporting to tell us “how things got so bad” explains to us

The left knows it can tell the biggest whoppers (i.e., Islam is peace, “I did not have sex with that woman,” etc.) and if they said enough and repeat it unendingly, people will begin to believe the lie, despite the blood and ash and bones. The Palestinians do one thing

Have we entered a time when justice will begin to prevail in America? For decades, celebrities, politicians and those in other positions of power have been engaging in very serious sexual misconduct, and victims have felt powerless to do anything about it. But now thanks to Harvey Weinstein, the dam

Once upon a time preppers would hoard gold and silver in anticipation of the meltdown of society, but now Bitcoin is becoming the alternative currency of choice for many in the prepping community. On Monday, Bitcoin hit an all-time record high as it surged past $8,200, and it has now

A South Korean spy/intelligence agency says that North Korea is getting ready to launch a new round of missiles. This is spiking new concerns of a clash between the regime and a coalition of American, Japanese, and South Korean forces should a test accidentally strike land. According to Foreign Policy, the

We finally have the official numbers, and they aren’t pretty. Reid Wilson, a correspondent for the Hill, has posted to Twitter a year by year breakdown of sexual harassment settlements and awards that he received from the Congressional Office of Compliance. I went ahead and added up each column, and what I

“Who owns you? Does the American State own you or do you own you? According to most American Christians, particularly those of a self-identified conservative bent, if you are an able-bodied male within a certain age range (which is always adjustable according to the “needs”/whims/desires of The State, of course), the American

I received this disturbing email from a Pakistani Christian who is facing the death penalty for “blasphemy.” If the enemedia narrative were true, moderate Muslims all over Pakistan would be racing to defend Faraz Parvaiz, and standing with him against these false blasphemy charges. Where is the Moderate Muslim movement,