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The troops will participate in the largest training exercise conducted since the end of the Cold War.

“War is being declared on the conservative movement in this space and conservatives are losing — badly.”

“A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership” might be considered just another tome by a former government hack attempting to cash in on their exploits if not for Comey’s clear attempts to demonize Trump in the process.

US intelligence officials have admitted that the US launched the attack against Syria without being able to confirm that a sarin chemical attack had taken place.

The United States nuclear submarine that took part in the attack on Syria over the alleged chemical weapons use is not allowed back in the waters near Naples, Italy, the mayor declared.

Tariq Ramadan is extremely lucky. If he is judged according to Islamic law, he will almost certainly be found innocent. In Islam, the testimony of a female in court is worth half that of a man (Quran 2:282). If Ramadan is found guilty, he should thank France for having a secular democratic justice system. Otherwise, under Sharia, he would be stoned to death for adultery, as done in Somalia.

The media isn’t just going after websites; it’s also going after channels and print magazines. And it’s targeting them using the blunt tools of government censorship. FBI raids and FCC licenses are an escalation from pressuring Facebook into hiring its fact checkers to censor conservative media. It’s the difference between monopolistic abuses and totalitarian ones.

Thousands of Marines and U.S. troops kicked off a major military training exercise that is reportedly set to include civilian evacuation operations, as well as chemical and biological drills. The drills followed the U.S.-led Anglo-alliance’s assault on neighboring Syria, which was allegedly in retaliation for a chemical attack in the Syrian city of Douma.

A road raging cop, who was caught on video holding an innocent man at gunpoint and illegally searching him will not be fired and, instead, will simply receive a five day vacation.

Despite facing verbal abuse hurled at them by teachers from their own school, three young men soldiered on and successfully pulled off a very inspiring event.