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Most ordinary people don’t give too much thought to population issues, but for the elite this is like a religion. They are absolutely obsessed with reducing the human population of this planet, and they are quite determined to find a way to get that done one way or another.

According to the World Bank’s Needle document, Gender Bonds are a type of private sector finance tool that are being used to drive (or force) social change.

Even though Trump has criticized the rising rates, the Fed turned the tables on him, saying his policies aren’t much better. 

While cleaning up after a party, a woman walked into her kitchen where she was startled by two cops who then demanded her son stop filming them.

The McArthurs said that the toughest part of the ordeal has been resistance from fellow Christians, who thought they should have backed down.

A caring father and doctor, who healed people will die in prison because he used a plant. In the meantime, child sexting Anthony Weiner gets out early.

Facebook is going all out for censorship in the weeks leading up to the midterm elections. Citing “fake news” (news the social media giant doesn’t like or disagrees with) Facebook will begin banning certain types of speech from the platform.

If the West manages to avoid what Spencer gloomily foresees on his last page (371) as “almost certain doom” from the forces of Jihad, it will be in large part due to books like this. Or rather, since there really are no other books quite like this, it will be due in large part to this very book, which needs to find its readers, in the right places, capable of learning, and acting upon what they have learned, about the history of Jihad. -Hugh Fitzgerald

The proposed budget for NASA’s “Planetary Defense Coordination Office” was just increased by 90 million dollars.  At a time when our national budget is already stretched to the max, this seems like an odd thing to be spending so much money on.

Warren’s test results confirmed that she has far less Native American ancestry than the average white American, yet she insists it’s enough to earn her special privileges. And we aren’t the only ones who noticed that this little lie would be a much bigger deal if she attempted to play in a Hollywood movie about Native Americans.  The left would lose their minds if any other white woman attempted a fraud like this, yet Warren is given a pass because she slaps that (D) behind her name and promotes Communism.