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And while he is in prison, even if it is for the rest of his life, what will be done to disabuse him of that terrorist ideology? Nothing. In fact, U.S. prison officials will do everything they can to reinforce it.

While the mainstream media continues to talk about the Russia collusion (with Trump) story without any evidence of actual collusion, they are completely ignoring the scandal that happens to have mountains of evidence.

Cutting off oil, crashing economies, weakening finance, creating a lack of food import—all that those sanctions truly do is bruise and harm the people in that country who have no real control over whether there is a war or not.

This problem of government overspending by borrowing from future generations will never be solved until the politicians (and we the people who demand money from the public trough) curb such demands.

Dozens of poor and disabled veterans could soon be homeless thanks to a city’s red tape war declaring their homes unfit because they don’t have the proper paperwork.

“Why throw money at defense when everything is falling down around us? Do we need to spend more money on our military (about $600 billion this year) than the next seven countries combined? Do we need 1.4 million active military personnel and 850,000 reserves when the enemy at the moment —

As if rational-minded humans needed any other evidence that the “Russian collusion” narrative was fabricated, a disturbing email from Susan Rice has surfaced, adding fuel to that fire.

The Washington Post is trying to condition the public into thinking that someone who used to work for Hamas-linked CAIR and served time in prison for jihad plotting is a perfectly reasonable fellow, while the real “extremists” are the foes of jihad terror.

If you are like many Americans, you might have assumed that the federal budget process begins with a determination of what activities are lawfully authorized by the United States Constitution along with an analysis of what they will cost.  And then, you might have assumed that these necessary and authorized activities would form the basis around which to organize personnel and material resources. But this assumption would not be accurate.

Seizing on Trump’s apparent sympathy toward these categories of illegal alien invaders, the GOP Senate majority, led by Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), may be handing Democrats and corporate-first Republicans an amnesty program in the Senate while “blocking President Trump’s pro-American reforms.”