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America is reeling from ongoing disasters. Hurricane Harry was the most expensive storm thus far in American history. With the current estimate topping 190 billion, more than the cost of Hurricane Katrina and Sandy combined. The devastation is so large it is hard to grasp. By current estimates, 70% of

“You say potato;  I say potahtow.  I say tomato;  you say toemahtow.” No matter how you pronounce it, people know to what you are referring. So, when White House officials report that President Trump is not contemplating amnesty, but looking for a “responsible path forward” for illegal alien invaders who

Daniel P. Love, the Bureau of Land Management agent who led the assault on the Bundy Ranch protestors in 2014, has been fired by the BLM after two blistering reports by the Office of the Inspector General detailing his official misconduct and ethical violations were published. The first report, published

Every new President is elected by people who believe they are voting for someone who is going to change things. People who wanted a change from the policies of Lyndon Johnson elected Richard Nixon. People who wanted a change from the policies of Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford elected Jimmy

One can hardly think of illegal immigration, aka illegal alien invasion, without linking it to the documentary three-part series by Dennis Michael Lynch, “They Come to America.” It is a must watch for anyone who doesn’t understand the impact of illegal alien invasion upon this republic. In 2015, articles here

Another Merkel Muslim migrant murderer. And now he is whining about his life — what about his victim’s life? He is apologizing now; that won’t bring her back. Nor will it stop EU officials from appointing more savages like him, who believe that infidel women can be taken and used

Is writing for Jihad Watch now a fireable offense? The freedom of speech is under severe attack all over the world, and the controversy that has erupted in Canada over Christine Douglass-Williams, a board member with the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, writing for Jihad Watch, is ongoing. The Canadian Press reported: “With concerns

Editor’s Note: This is telling, considering his move on DACA and he claim to “revisit” it in six months.  Amnesty is coming, wait and see. President Donald Trump drew attention Thursday to the illegals currently serving in the military as a reason why they should perhaps not be deported, but just

A Hepatitis A outbreak has killed 16 people in the southern California city of San Diego. In order to combat the disease, the city has literally begun spraying the streets with bleach. An article by NPR said that the Hepatitis A was first identified in the area in early March, according to the county, and

The last couple of weeks have seen a virtual bloodbath in cryptocurrency trading with the majority of all publicly traded digital coins and tokens experiencing losses ranging from 20% to 98%. The carnage began when rumors swirled that China would limit ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) due to rampant fraud and uncertainty. The rumors