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Progressivism is best explained by an old sage who said a long time ago, “Progress governs our world according to fatal laws. Once it starts, nobody and nothing can stop it.”

May God grace His people with the desire to prioritize family and children as He has lovingly commanded and equipped us to do, all by His grace, all for His glory, and all to our eternal benefit.

When G.W. Bush was President, it seemed the deeper he took America into war, the more popular he became—at least with conservatives and Christians. Now, Trump seems to be following the same playbook—and with the same results.

When a military general began asking why Syrian President Assad would intentionally attack his own people when the “Civil War” in his country is ending, his interview was abruptly cut short.

After the story of how police shot and killed an innocent father during a raid on the wrong house died down, authorities quietly announced that no charges will be brought against the officer who pulled the trigger.

There is no way Assad gassed his people. To what end? To rile up the West? It makes no sense. He won, he is in place, why gas now?

The promotional content all comes from media giant Sinclair, who owns all of these local broadcast news stations. But is Sinclair the only broadcaster that controls what its anchors and reporters say?

It’s easy to feel good about disavowing a discredited and fallen ideology. There’s no act of courage there. But try disavowing the Two State Solution and the Iran Deal. That’s a commemoration.

There is absolutely no reason to rush into a war, and that is why our founders gave the power to declare war to Congress. They wanted debate and deliberation before a decision was made to go to war, and without a doubt launching missiles at Syria would be an act of war.