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Wal-Mart gets approximately one-fourth of all the merchandise that it sells from China, and Wal-Mart’s CFO is warning that “higher tariffs will lead to higher prices for customers”. In other words, U.S. consumers will soon be feeling a lot of pain.

Calling Sherman a Federal Reserve banker puppet is not an exaggeration. When we look into who is financing his campaigns, it becomes entirely clear as to why this man is taking to the podium to perpetuate lies about the blockchain.

Lebowitz wrote a small book (a collection of essays) in 1978 and 40 years later, the left elite is still awaiting her masterwork.

 Documents released through a Freedom of Information request reveals at least two members of the group were Mossad agents, others members of the IDF; the moving company they supposedly worked for was an intelligence front; the moving company van the Israelis used tested positive for explosives. Other suspicious items were found in this cut-out business van, including boxcutters and cash-stuffed socks.

Months before an alleged attack was being blamed on Iran, a US Army Colonel predicted this very scenario playing out to start a war.

Miracles happen when people have the courage to stand up for what is right. We sure could use a lot more Abby Johnson’s in America.

Sooner or later, conservatives and Christians are going to wake up to the fact that Donald Trump is the consummate corrupt CON MAN.

Trump said today he’s not interested in attacking Iran in response to crimes fabricated by neocons.

Why does the left insist on this portrayal of vile hatred towards the man when so much of what he does supports their agenda? The more they hate him, the more his supporters love him. The answer is simple, if you’re willing to accept it. It is all a distraction to keep us locked in our own ideological boxes while an agenda against our interests continues unfazed.

America doesn’t need a dictator, but we do need elected leaders who will do what they promise and I’m still waiting, but my patience is growing thin.