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About a billion and a half dollars will be spent on romance novels in the United States this year.  These novels will outsell the categories of “sci-fi, mystery, and fantasy combined,” and they will account for more than half of all mass-market fiction paperbacks sold.  To say that they are popular would

In an interview with 60 Minutes, Donald Trump said that the Constitution is not always relevant, and in many instances, such as immigration, it may have to take a back seat to his policy initiatives. He is arguing, as many Supreme Court justices have in the past, that the Constitution’s

A Syrian Muslim terrorist with a backpack was denied entry to the nearby music festival were 2,500 people were attending a wine-tasting event. He then detonated (some reports say it was premature detonation), killing himself and injuring others. Ansbach Mayor Carda Seidel confirmed it was an explosive device, and a spokesman for the Bavarian

It’s not a joke. In what world would this kind of absurd rhetoric be taken seriously? In a world dominated by the left. It speaks to the low state of the world that Obama has a 48% approval rating and Hillary Clinton has a better-than-even shot at being elected President

he region. – Immigration from the Middle East is toothpaste out of the tube. It cannot be snaked back in by rough policies against refugees or by preventing Muslims from entering the United States. Western nations must assimilate their Islamic immigrants or bare the ongoing consequences of their disenfranchisement. Islamophobia,

Ali David Sonboly is no Iranian but pro Turkey’s Islamists from Syria. That plus he had a record with the Interpol and was being watched. First of all. There is only one way to spell Sonboly in the Arabic (سنبلي), but in the English it can be spelled multiple ways

As a long-time student of history and someone who was around during the Civil Rights Movement, I was more aware of the political climate in South Africa during the 1970s and 1980s than most in my peer group. While I found the institution of apartheid abhorrent, I also believed that

There is no doubt that Trump surprises.  Just when you think you have him figured out, then he does something you do not expect.  Case in point, many, in anticipation of Hillary’s selection of Tim Kaine for VP, pondered the way Trump would hit at his opponents. For many, the

In case anyone missed it, earlier this year in Vernon Hills, Illinois, what is known as the second phase of Civilization Jihad was on full display at the town’s public high school. American teenage girls were taught how to wear the Islamic head dress known as the “hijab”– in their

As ridiculous as it may seem that Trump opponents label him a racist for his anti-immigrant views though he has an immigrant wife, the following review from a liberal writer is nothing short of insane. According to Elizabeth Wellington, an African American writer for The Inquirer Daily News in Philadelphia,