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Sometimes it’s a little difficult to discern in precisely what vein black civil rights activist Cornel West’s political leanings lie, because he typically delivers his oratory in an eccentric stream-of-consciousness style. Some might call it “bullcrap.” In the main, West has always been an ardent leftist, keeping alive the idea

In the wake of the horrible bombings in Brussels, Barack Obama is insisting that there is no need to change our approach in the fight against ISIS.  He believes that Islamic terror is not a fundamental threat to our way of life, and he wants all of us to be convinced

Belgium is burning after three explosions at Brussels’ international airport and Maelbeek metro station killed at least 34 people and wounded over 200. ISIS is taking credit for the attacks. #ISIS-LINKED #Amaq AGENCY HAS OFFICIALLY CLAIMED RESPONSIBILITY FOR #BrusselAttacks#IS #BRUSSELS #Zaventem#Belgium — Eta Centauri (η Cen) (@ECentauri) March 22, 2016 A video of people fleeing the

Terrorism is a fact of life. The political causes and effects of it are complex, and the reaction is often used in politically expedient ways. In other words, the default is to use fear to sell an agenda – perhaps for war, security measures, diplomatic pressure. Regardless, the chances of

Is Donald Trump really the voice of reason the day after the attacks in Brussels? These left-leaning women from The View are besides themselves in having to admit that they agree with The Donald on his foreign policy and ISIS views. He apparently called months ago that something was going

In politics, like in life, people get stuck on one thing once they see it works. It becomes their failsafe – their go-to. It worked the last time, so why not use it again? For President Obama, his has been to call anything his opponent or critics say “un-American.” Deny

A week ago I told you about the Democratic Party’s superdelegate problem. And that problem may be worse than we first thought. Could registered lobbyists have a bigger vote in the process than you do? This is a Reality Check you won’t see anywhere else. Hillary Clinton continues to hold

We often hear the argument that there is no way that we can deport every illegal. It would be too hard, cruel, expensive, etc. But it is hard to prove this as a tenable argument since no one has ever tried. Even if all of these arguments could be proven

A shocking new report broke in the New York Post on Sunday when it was reported that the FBI seems to be preparing to move against Hillary Clinton over her handling of a private email server. “FBI chief James Comey and his investigators are increasingly certain presidential nominee Hillary Clinton

The push for global government will not stop, manipulating the public to its acceptance is all that is needed.  What exactly is propaganda? Most people understand that it is the spread of misinformation intended to push a cause, or a political agenda. Throughout the past century, social scientists have learned,