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Obama’s “most transparent administration,” via the Department of Justice (DOJ) is pushing for even greater federal overreach by legalizing the illegal act of law enforcement and intelligence agencies remotely hacking into anyone’s personal computer and mobile device, implanting malicious software on personal computers and mobile devices, and scanning through all personal contents of anyone’s computer– specifically those who have not been charged or used their devices for any criminal activity.

In my last article, I discussed the use of the Hegelian Dialectic in the creation of a national police force. Program 1033 is a deliberate attempt to militarize police, turn them loose on the citizenry, and then create the demand that something must be done to reign in out-of-control cops. The solution

Shame on every politician, bureaucrat and technician who is a shill for the U.S. government’s abuses and lies, and shame on every gullible American who keeps buying into the government’s propaganda, believing that it has our best interests at heart.

Some preppers have decided that the best thing to do is to run for office, while others are getting out of the United States completely.

Russell Moore has come into the sights of likely GOP nominee Donald Trump. And this has revealed the riff in the Evangelical community that has been widening over the past several months.

The Islamization of Britain made an immense advance this week, as a Muslim with extensive ties to jihadis and Islamic supremacists, Sadiq Khan, was elected mayor of London, just as London buses are set to carry ads proclaiming the “glory of Allah.”

Sales are down among local ping-pong table vendors, and many are blaming a downturn in the tech economy.

Early Tuesday morning as commuters waited at their local train station to head to work, a 27-year old man attacked 4 innocent victims, killing one and wounding three others.

Article first appeared at The Daily Sheeple. The public was shocked when allegations first surfaced that Jerry Sandusky had molested children. Not only was it sickening to hear the content of these stories, but they had a rather disturbing implication. How could this coach get away with these crimes for