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By now you know that the FBI is demanding and a federal magistrate judge is ordering Apple to build a backdoor to its operating system. The Federal Bureau of Investigation says they need it for only one phone, only this one time. But nobody is buying that, including the man who

Is there anyone over the age of 40 who doesn’t know what the Holocaust was? The Holocaust was the systematic extermination of the Jewish population of Germany and Europe perpetrated by Hitler’s Nazi Germany. This deplorable action was dubbed “crimes against humanity” and genocide. Is there anyone in this nation

In Guernsey, a town in one of the British Channel Island, junior high students at Les Beaucamp High School (equivalent to 7th grade in America) were given a bizarre “creative writing” homework assignment. They were asked to explain to their parents: “how becoming a pupil has changed your life [and]how much

I’m sure my readers were positively titillated by the buzz emanating from the Mobile World Congress Conference this week. What is the Mobile World Congress Conference, you ask, and why should anyone with the intelligence to navigate this publication care? Well, although the MWC conference is essentially a bunch of

On January 26, 2016, an agency known as the U.S. Preventative Services task force issued final recommendations suggesting that all Americans be subject to mental health screenings.  The report implies that regular screenings through an individuals primary care doctor would be ideal and the most beneficial in detecting symptoms related to depression.

This may be the best reason yet to vote for Donald Trump. The candidate was a guest on Fox News’ Hannity Show with Sean Hannity on Monday night. The show was being taped in front of a crowd of Nevada voters, giving the GOP frontrunner ample opportunity to work the crowd for

The company had reportedly known on record since the 1980s that some of its flagship products cause cancer, but they failed to warn the public. In a landmark case Hogans et al v. Johnson & Johnson, a Missouri jury has ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $72 million in damages

If you’ve ever wondered what your tax dollars really go towards when your state funds public education, then look no further. There’s a good chance that the schools in your community are spending big bucks on the Pacific Educational Group. This little known San Francisco based consulting firm specializes in

Muslim brothers keep on praying while elderly man falls down and dies. No assistance. No 911 calls. No medical aid. No CPR. Culturally, the heartless praying to Allah the “merciful.” Article reposted with permission from Pamela Geller. Pamela Geller’s commitment to freedom from jihad and Shariah shines forth in her

Researchers at the SETI Institute spotted something odd on New Year’s Eve over New Zealand. A stream of meteor showers appeared out of nowhere and now scientists around the world are scrambling to figure out where it originated and whether the parent body of that shower could be headed towards