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“I recognize that Barack Obama does not wish to defend this country. He may have been tired of war, but our enemies are not tired of killing us. And they’re getting stronger.” – Ted Cruz Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has long been a strident critic of President Obama’s foreign policy,

After the Islamic jihad massacre in Paris, French President Francois Hollande said the attacks were an “act of war,” committed by “a terrorist army, the Islamic State group, a jihadist army, against France, against the values that we defend everywhere in the world, against what we are: A free country

A Navy intelligence analyst who has spent 30 years in prison for selling secrets to the Israelis is set to be released next Friday. Jonathan Pollard was serving a life sentence in a North Carolina federal prison and received parole based on rules that existed at the time of his sentencing

Fire has reportedly broken out at the ‘jungle’ refugee camp in the port of Calais in the hours following the terror attacks in Paris. The anti-migrant group known as ‘The Angry of Calais’ posted videos of the inferno on Facebook. Calais migrant camp 'on fire' as France reels from Paris terror

When discussing the topic of abortion with people, there will almost always be an emotional response. Either you love the practice or you hate the practice, and there is seldom an in between position. So, most get incensed when they hear remarks like the ones made by former Texas State

A Friday night in Paris, France, turned into a bloody rampage when at least two Muslim men, armed with assault rifles, left 160 dead and scores wounded. Some reports also indicate that suicide bombers were to blame for multiple explosions heard by witnesses. A de facto state of Martial Law now

This event still has provocateur footprints all over it… It took the grand jury in McLennan County, Texas, nine hours to hand down charges against 106 bikers arrested after nine people were killed in a shootout at a Twin Peaks in Waco last May. The odd thing is, none of

Forward: Before I go on with this article I want to take a moment and offer my prayers to God for the families of those killed in France. This is something we all knew was coming, we could feel it in our bones. Yet, despite our protests, the governing elite,

“We are under tremendous attacks…” stated President Dwight Eisenhower, NOVEMBER 9, 1954. He added: “We are attacked by the Communists who in their own documents state that capitalism – democracy – carries within itself the seeds of its own destruction…” Eisenhower continued his address to the National Conference on the

Outrageous, but not surprising. The enemedia is aligned with the jihad force. As the jihad heats up in the West, the media is becoming more clumsy and desperate in its attempts to deflect attention away from the jihad and back to its favorite bogeyman, “right-wing extremists.” Now, even when the