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Phoenix, AZ — As the Free Thought Project reported, voter suppression in Maricopa County, and the rest of Arizona ran rampant last month during the primary. The number of polling locations was drastically reduced, leaving many voters with a wait time of 5 hours just to vote. Others were left

Hillary Clinton’s dishonest campaign apparently knows no bounds, as her method to pay people a combined $1 million to combat Bernie Sanders’ popularity online was revealed last week — but now it’s reached stunning new lows. As Paste Magazine reported, we might have seen the first evidence of Hillary’s paid

James Cone is known as the founder of Black Liberation Theology. Many people may not have heard of this until the election of Barrack Obama and his involvement with Pastor Jeremiah Wright came into public view. Black Liberation Theology is a byproduct of the radical social justice movement of the 1960’s and

Sheriff David Clarke may soon win the moniker of “America’s Sheriff” away from Sheriff Joe Arpaio if he continues spinning these gems. Sheriff Clarke recently appeared on Fox News’ Hannity Show to discuss some comments made by Democrat presidential frontrunner and possible soon-to-be felon, Hillary Clinton. Earlier this week during

Earlier this month, the United States attempted to play the role of ‘victim’ after two separate incidents in which Russian aircraft came close to US naval vessels. “There have been repeated incidents over the past year where Russian aircraft have come close enough to other air and sea traffic to raise

Should central banks create money out of thin air and give it directly to governments and average citizens?  If you can believe it, this is now under serious consideration.  Since 2008, global central banks have cut interest rates 637 times, they have injected 12.3 trillion dollars into the global financial

All over the world seismic activity is increasing.  In recent weeks we have seen a dramatic earthquake in Ecuador,more than 600 earthquakes have experts extremely alarmed about what is happening to Japan’s southern Island, and 37 volcanoes around the planet are erupting right now.  Most of the large earthquakes and

While the issue of opening up bathrooms that are not designated for one’s birth gender is not a federal issue, one would think it would be a common sense issue. However, common sense only seems to apply to those who are not mentally ill. One has to question, just how

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is the latest organization to promote sexism and violence against girls. It’s demanding that the only way it will keep Charlotte, N.C., as the location for the 2017 All-Star Game, is if the North Carolina legislature doesn’t pass a bill it doesn’t like. From retail stores, like

While President Obama took credit this weekend for saving the world economy from a global depression and stock markets are hovering around all-time highs, not everyone is convinced that central bank policy and government involvement in financial markets has stabilized the system. Doug Casey, one of the most well respected institutional