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Article first appeared at by Paul Craig Roberts Thedailysheeple – Are Nixon’s and the Reagan administration’s crimes noticeable on the scale of Clinton’s, George W. Bush’s, and Obama’s? Not much remains of the once vibrant American left-wing. Among the brainwashed remnants there is such a hatred of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan that the

Article first appeared at by Melissa Dykes Thedailysheeple – Yes, this question is largely rhetorical. Even psychopaths usually try to blend, don’t they? Here’s Hillary laughing when asked about the FBI investigating her private email server: Hillary Clinton biographer Ed Klein said Clinton’s bizarre cackling when asked about her email scandal

Article first appeared at by Joshua Krause Thedailysheeple – The city of Flint, Michigan has been in the national spotlight for several weeks after state officials admitted that residents had been drinking toxic tap water, which those same officials likely knew about and tried to cover up. Several groups have

Article first appeared at by Melissa Dykes Thedailysheeple – You know the airport, right America? It’s that place where special “Homeland Security agents” who have had two weeks of training on how to view their fellow citizens as suspects who are guilty until proven innocent and how to properly grope someone’s

Article first appeared at by Joshua Krause Thedailysheeple – Over the years everything that’s digital has become exponentially cheaper, faster, and more efficient, including webcams. These devices have become so ubiquitous that there are now cameras in most homes and businesses. Unfortunately, these cheap little cameras have no security. Most

Article first appeared at by Joshua Krause Thedailysheeple – Beginning in early December, reports emerged regarding a strange new virus infecting military personnel in Eastern Ukraine. To date, nobody really knows what the strain is, and the Western mainstream media has neglected to report on it. A recent update from

Christianity is not a weak and empty religion, Christianity is warfare against evil. This is what I talked about with the undefeated UFC champion, Bas Rutten, and you can watch it here: Article reposted with permission from, the opinions and views shared do not necessarily reflect the views of

Does our existing Constitution permit the federal government to spend money on whatever they want? No! It contains precise limits on federal spending. Federal spending is limited by the enumerated powers delegated to the federal government. If you go through the Constitution and highlight all the powers delegated to Congress

What good is a terrorism watch list if a “strict Muslim” can go on cross country jihad-fueled rampage killing a New Jersey teen at a traffic light stop and three gay men in Seattle? Ali Muhammad Brown was motivated by the Quran and the Islamic State. Here is yet another

The Charlie Daniels Band is one of the most iconic music groups in American music history and their leader, Charlie Daniels, is one of the most beloved figures in country music fandom. Over the years, Daniels transitioned from “wild child” rock star to conservative Christian philanthropist and occasional philosopher. His