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Tim Brown is an author and Editor at,, and He is husband to his "more precious than rubies" wife, father of 10 "mighty arrows", jack of all trades, Christian and lover of liberty. He resides in the U.S. occupied Great State of South Carolina. Tim is also an affiliate for the Joshua Mark 5 AR/AK hybrid semi-automatic rifle. Follow Tim on Twitter.

I’ve been reading a book that is pretty thorough in going through the evidence from the Islamic jihad attacks of 9/11.  The book is titled The Eleventh Day: The Full Story of 9/11 by Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan.  In that book, is something that many who have delved into the

A US Border Patrol was kidnapped and hacked with a machete, according to a statement from the Dona Ana County Sheriff’s Department. Breitbart reported on the story.  According to them, “Customs and Border Protection (CBP) first tried to keep the matter from the public and then downplayed aspects of the

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and some of her staffers continue to possess security clearances to access sensitive government information, and apparently, those clearances may be pulled as the State Department has opened a formal inquiry into whether or not the former secretary mishandled classified information while she was

Otto Warmbier, a young man who had been falsely imprisoned by the North Korean government and was in a coma after the torture he received while in their custody, died on Monday at the age of 22. The University of Cincinnati Medical Center announced that Warmbier had died at 2:20 pm on

The quote in the headline comes from Ron Paul, and it should be the goal of every conservative lawmaker in the entire country.  When professional politicians tell you that they are in favor of reforming the tax code or reducing taxes a little bit, essentially what they are telling you

A Moorhead, Minnesota man stand accused of beating, scalding, and blowing up firecrackers on his 2-month old daughter before rubbing cayenne pepper in her eyes and choking her till she turned blue. Shawn Foltz, 31, was charged with neglect of a child, malicious punishment of a child and two counts

A Muslim man burst through the doors of New York City’s Times Square Church earlier this month and shouted “Allahu Acbar,” Arabic for “God is great.”  Obviously, he was not speaking of the Christian God as he threatened to blow up the church and kill any Christians there upon his

Last week,  I reported on the roundup in Detroit of dozens of Christians by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  Since that time, Franklin Graham has spoken out on the rounding up of Christians and possible deportation back to places like Syria and Iraq, calling it “very disturbing.” President Trump

Dear Leftists in “our” media: 1. You said nothing when Obama used drone strikes to execute people abroad. 2. You said nothing about Russia for 50 years until Trump was inaugurated. 3. You said nothing about Hillary’s campaign manager’s brother being paid $175,000 to lift U.S. sanctions on Russia. 4.

Kellyanne Conway, White House counselor, blasted out Monday that the ongoing and long-running Democratic-fueled investigation into President Donald Trump over alleged collusion with Russia and obstruction of justice was a big nothingburger — and it was turning into a major money waster for taxpayers. .@KellyannePolls: We're starting to waste tens