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I have warned that amnesty is more than likely going to be a foregone conclusion, especially concerning the backing off of deportations this past weekend by President Trump to see if Congress will provide “a solution,” one that doesn’t need to be provided considering it has provided it already in

Considering Islam’s founder, Muhammad, had a thing for children, and apparently so did Council on American-Islamic Relations coordinator Ahmad Saleem, who was among 100 people busted in a child prostitution sting in Orlando in 2015, it’s not surprising that a Muslim operation would form a sharia-compliant resort in Orlando right

Last week, I spoke on my radio show about the campaign to smear Infowars founder Alex Jones through claims that he knowingly handed over child porn in a plethora of emails to attorneys for the families of Sandy Hook victims. Now, after multiple fake news media outlets, along with commentator

President Donald Trump ran on a platform of changing our foreign policy. Some of that has clearly been done in a different way than previously, though the jury is still out as to whether or not he will succumb to pressure to go to war with Iran. However, in an

New York Socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted out tips ahead of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids in which she provided tips to people in the area of raids on how to avoid ICE raids. Warning: The Trump admin is expected to begin ICE raids across the country TOMORROW, targeting

After Project Veritas had insiders at Facebook and Pinterest coming out and blowing the whistle on not just their site’s bias, but political agenda, which could amount to election manipulation, it encouraged a whistleblower from Google going on camera with James O’Keefe to out the CIA-funded company in their efforts

And here we go again, more promises broken.  After President Donald Trump declared that Immigration and Customs Enforcement would remove illegal aliens who have court orders for deportation, which would be enforcing the law, he backpeddled on that promise and now is opening up the door to more “talks” with

House Democrats passed an appropriations bill that includes blocking Trump from going to war without congressional approval.  Of course, it’s a purely political stunt as they didn’t make a peep when the usurper Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah was in Libya, Yemen and Syria, did they?  Nope, not one peep. 

If you have seen the TV series The Man In The High Castle, you may recall how the Nazis sought to destroy US history and replace it with their own.  This is all part of what happens when a foreign government moves in.  Sadly, America has largely been taken over

The government is not supposed to be maintaining records concerning you and guns.  Why?  Because it sets up a scenario in which they could theoretically begin putting together a gun registry is such records are being maintained, and in the past, I’ve written where there are indications that to some