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Days after Democrat Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) were banned from entry to Israel, the Muslim congresswomen posted a political cartoon illustrated by an artist infamous for trivializing the Holocaust and comparing Jews to Nazis. The cartoon posted by the freshmen lawmakers on Instagram depicts Israeli Prime

Yes, former Vice President Joe Biden actually answered in the affirmative that his administration will be coming for your guns, America, should he be elected. In an interview earlier this month with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Biden was asked, “So, to gun owners out there who say, well, a Biden administration

A little peek inside the operations at the New York Times, courtesy of a media pressure campaign against the paper, typical of the kind being conducted by the CJR’s best and brightest. Dean Baquet, the executive editor of the New York Times, said recently that, after the Mueller report, the paper has to

So, who is the Deep State?  Let’s ask President Donald Trump.  On Thursday, the Trump administration called on Congress to reauthorize the very NSA mass surveillance program the whistleblower Edward Snowden exposed, and Trump supporters have largely remained silent, even though they were outraged at Snowden’s revelations during the usurper,

Former Lee County Florida Sheriff Rodney Shoap will be notarizing and filing an ethics complaint on Monday related to the unethical behavior of current, then-Governor Rick Scott-appointed Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno.  Mr. Shoap provided the Sons Of Liberty Media with an exclusive look at the letter and complaint he

My friend Jim White at Northwest Liberty News has been doing the Lord’s work in exposing the evils of Child Protective Services in Montana and across the nation as of late.  Recently, White interviewed Bill Sutley, Director of the Ranch for Kids in Montana.  Last month, CPS descended on the

We all knew it was coming and yesterday, the New York Medical Examiner’s office ruled that Jeffrey Epstein’s death was a suicide, but that is not how a Maryland office ruled the death of inmate Ronnie L. White.  In 2008, White had the same fracture of the hyoid bone that

Call me cynical if you will, but we could all see this coming just as much as we could see Epstein’s death approaching.  However, on Friday, the New York Medical Examiner’s Office declared that Jeffrey Epstein killed himself by hanging. While details were released that Epstein had several bones in

While many outlets have that the Seth Rich murder has nothing to do with the DNC, the Clintons or the emails leaked to Wikileaks, and they point to police claims that it was a robbery gone bad without showing us anything stolen nor providing suspects of the robbery, Robert Mueller

An explosive and damning document exclusively obtained by Illoominate Media confirms that Keith Ellison, the first Muslim Attorney General who serves in Minnesota, is using his position as an elected official to enforce Islamic blasphemy laws against Conservatives who post content critical of ISIS tied mosques. On March 25, 2019,