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Usually, the Federal Reserve is extremely hesitant to say that an economic slowdown is taking place. Now, they’re coming out and saying it.

We are living under absolute tyranny at this point, can’t even COMMENT on a real world event. The only view allowed is the ‘official’ view.

Fox, Paul Ryan and Donna Brazille deserve each other.  It’s time conservatives opened their eyes and see how they are being played by Fox.

Friends, this is what it’s going to take to defeat tyranny. 

Is this why the elites and influential in the world promote Islam?  Islam is the only religion I know of that embraces pedophilia, complete with little boy virgins in the afterlife, along with bacha bazis here and now. 

Clearly, this is more of a shot at President Donald Trump than it is anything with any level of substance. 

I’m just all too wary of those close to the Clintons or the Obamas who out of nowhere take their own lives.

The decision to appoint Mateo to a statewide post came just a day after Trump visited California for the first time as president, taking a trip to San Diego to see prototypes of the border wall he plans to build between the U.S. and Mexico.

The media comes right alongside these events to demonize their political opponents in each and every instance.