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One has to take in all of the reporting to fully grasp how apparent what is going on concerning mass shootings under the Obama administration in our country. Not only have there been individuals claiming that three shooters were at the San Bernardino massacre, but even the mainstream media said

It’s amazing how much we see and how much we forget. Mass shootings and mass murders are nothing new. However, under Barack Hussein Obama, both have increased exponentially when we view the numbers in light of previous occupants of the Oval Office. In fact, when it comes to mass shootings

While the Federal Bureau of Investigation continues to investigate 1,000 ISIS-tied individuals in the united States, there are at least 22 paramilitary Islamic communities in the US that they know of, but are not doing anything about. Now, the stage has been set for more Islamic jihad attacks on US

Mainstream media reporters have tampered with and tainted evidence of what has been labeled a federal crime scene at the apartment of Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik, the Islamic jihadis who murdered 14 people and injured 17 more at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California.

As always, many of these bleeding hearts make something of a profession to push their agenda or get their fifteen minutes of fame and then fake hatred against that agenda, but there’s always a cost involved. A 24-year-old black woman found that out after she tweeted out racist threats against

Following the fatal Islamic jihad massacre at the Inland regional Center in San Bernardino, which claimed the lives of at least 14 people and injured several others, the neighbor of Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik has come forward to say that she was a coward for not reporting the two

While growing up in the ’70s & ’80s in the South secession was a big topic. Even Charlie Daniels wrote a song about the South. But, with all the talk and speculation, there has never been anything done to move any states in that direction. There never was a political

Original Report: Details emerging from San Bernardino, California indicate that at least 12 people are dead after between one and three heavily armed gunmen in body armor stormed a social service facility. According to Zero Hedge the suspects may have left an explosives device behind. Police are investigating a report

OBAMA: Never letting a good mass shooting go to waste….. He wastes no time. The body count isn’t even in. But Obama has a knee-jerk strategy for shootings — whether it’s Fort Hood, Garland, Texas, Chattanooga …. he politicizes them to push for the unthinkable — gun control. He calls

All across Europe, thousands of refugees are dropping off the map.Hundreds have disappeared from German refugee camps before they’re even registered with the authorities, and the whereabouts of4,000 people who lost their refugee status in Denmark are currently unknown. However, Sweden takes the cake for losing track of a mind-boggling