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Authorities Bulldoze New Mexico Jihad Compound – Leave Ammo, Paperwork Behind

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Why did they leave paperwork behind? Might that paperwork be pertinent? Might some of it illuminate the motives and goals of the people in the compound? This is extraordinarily careless. Or is it that authorities want some of this evidence to go away, so as to downplay some aspects of this story and cause them to be forgotten?

“Amalia compound destroyed after raid,” KOB.com, August 15, 2018:

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – The remote compound in Amalia, New Mexico, where five adults and 11 children were found after a raid by law enforcement earlier this month has been razed to the ground.

Property owner Jason Bader said there was a court order allowing the seizure of a stolen trailer that made up part of the compound.


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