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These establishment “experts” have no idea of the actual underlying causes, and are recommending the same counterterror remedies that have failed again and again.

Google’s embrace of Sharia blasphemy laws is an ominous sign of how eager the social media monopolies are to discard the freedom of speech and to align with the enablers and abettors of jihad terror. Sundar Pichai hopes you won’t notice, but before too long it will be obvious to everyone.

The nuts and bolts will come off the clown car, but by then it will have accomplished many of its goals. No matter how dirty it had to play.

When Lauren or anyone that claims to be a Christian say’s things like, “I can’t say one way or the other. I’m not God,” rest assured it is because they do not know God (1 John 2:3).

As we are approaching the end of 2018, I am trying to do a little catch-up with all of the news we are not hearing talked about—especially from Christians and conservatives. Sadly, the political right is as bad as the political left when it comes to honesty and objectivity. And

The difference if protests occur here in the US is that protesters would be armed

Much like S1177 (Every Student Succeeds Act) was foisted upon us in December 2015 and was an omnibus bill, HR 2 is proving to be very similar. There are even more educratic expansions, mandates, and whopping tax dollars to make it all happen; at our expense which I didn’t even touch on. Read the Bill, now what’s coming up, especially in you are in a rural setting!

Strasbourg Mayor Roland Ries told a TV station that, “life must go on.” And life will go on. Until the next attack. And the one after that. Until everyone learns the lessons of Strasbourg and the shadow of Islamic terror no longer hangs over the “Capital of Christmas.”

By forcing the US into its SDGs mold, we’re seeing a fast lane on the U.N. road lead us to the  destruction of education, of our way of life, our beliefs, and our freedom.