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What happens when the law makers themselves become law breakers? Or what happens when those who are charged with enforcing the law also become law breakers themselves? In a police incident in our State’s Capital this past Christmas, a man was arrested by the police and $1500 cash was taken

“Never take counsel from your fears.”-Stonewall Jackson On a daily basis, Americans are being inundated with oppression through a corrupt system of not only the media, but also corrupt politicians as well. 80 house members have been reported as communists. Through it all, we see such unlawful and unconstitutional organizations

“There is a God. Our rights come from Him. The purpose of civil government is to protect and secure God given rights. This is the American View of Law and Government.  It is also the Christian View.  It is set forth very concisely and precisely in our Declaration of Independence.

“Isn’t it obvious they don’t want to do anything?” – Rush Limbaugh, July 17 The above quote from syndicated radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh reflected his somewhat bemused appraisal of Senate Republicans’ efforts to replace (or more accurately, repair) the Affordable Health Care Act, or Obamacare, with alternative (or more accurately,

America, despite the election of Donald Trump, is still in a lot of trouble. The average American believes that there exists an epic struggle between two ideologically opposed sides, battling it out for the heart and soul of the nation. A false paradigm of Republicans and Democrats applying the principles

Editor’s Note: I honestly don’t see how you reform a religion that is based in terrorism, sexual slavery, doctrines of demons and other abominations such as Islam is.  Yet, there are those attempting to do so.  The real answer is to abandon Islam and embrace the Lord Jesus Christ. Editor’s

Repeal and replace or just Repeal?  Well, I, for one, vote for the latter.  It is my opinion that Republicans, and President Trump, should not only overturn ObamaCare, but they should do it in the same style in which it was passed — by changing the rules of the Senate

On Friday the House overwhelmingly approved a massive increase in military spending, passing a $696 billion National Defense Authorization bill for 2018. President Trump’s request already included a huge fifty or so billion dollar spending increase, but the Republican-led House found even that to be far too small. They added

“Monsters in movies are us, always us, one way or the other. They’re us with hats on. The zombies in George Romero’s movies are us. They’re hungry. Monsters are us, the dangerous parts of us. The part that wants to destroy. The part of us with the reptile brain. The

Lies, lies and more lies that are what we have discovered CNN is pedaling on its purported news broadcasts. And it is not just that they have abandoned all the canons of journalistic ethics. It used to be that no self-respecting reporter who served in any capacity would turn in