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Our prolonged exposure to the toxic culture of the American police state is deadly.

We cannot stop mass shootings by banning guns. We need to look seriously into the psychotropic drugs that more and more Americans are being prescribed. We need to demand that our elected Representatives demand a real day of reckoning at the FBI. We need to keep focused and ignore those who politicize such events.

It isn’t guns or weapons that are the cause of increasing violence in the USA today, but the lack of direction, discipline, and moral values that is responsible, and we have only the Progressive Left to blame for the decay.

More laws will mean that innocent people have a greater burden and that bad people will continue to flout the law with no fear of repercussions.

When hoaxes, ordinary crimes and attacks by mentally ill homeless people are all treated the same way, then even real attacks will be drowned out by the torrent of fake incidents.

Right now, Trump’s supporters need to get real about binding down Donald Trump—and the rest of the Republicans in Washington, D.C.—by “the chains of the Constitution” before his presidency becomes a repeat of the G.W. Bush years. Because at this point, that is exactly what Trump’s presidency is looking like.

Government caused the problem of school shootings by turning schools into gun free zones. They are allowing the problem to grow and create trauma in people’s minds by not doing the one thing they know will stop it: Teaching the truth about America’s gun culture and encouraging citizen vigilance.

The omission of the origins of the Clinton-Steele dossier is an admission of guilt. It shows that these were not the routine abuses that can occur in an investigation, but that the investigation was politically motivated. A cover-up reveals not only a crime, but the motive for which the crime was committed.

You might want to bless this generation while you have time to do so. If you don’t, they will be there to curse you.

Many American’s falsely believe they can stand on neutral ground. That is not possible.