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“Everybody f____g knew,” a top Hollywood screenwriter wrote of Harvey Weinstein. “Everybody knew” about Matt Lauer at NBC, Variety reports, and it “wasn’t even considered a secret.” “Every female in the press corps knew that, right, don’t get in elevator with him,” ABC’s Cokie Roberts said of Rep. Conyers. Everybody

“The system is designed to create chronic disease. There’s no money in being healthy. There is no money in being dead. All the money is in being chronically ill. ” -Dr. Irvin Sahni MD After traveling from Boise, Idaho to Missoula, Montana to Orlando, Florida then onto Houston, Texas, we

For years I have denied the label “Islamophobe,” because it is most commonly used to refer to people who have an irrational bigotry or hatred toward Muslims, and I don’t. I am not the “bad” kind of Islamophobe who wants any innocent people, Muslim or non-Muslim, to be victimized. Instead,

If you are a conservative and you’ve ever gotten into a political debate with someone you disagree with then you’ve probably been called this epithet at some point in your discussion – “fascist.” I’ve never understood this line of attack. As a conservative, I argue for limited government, free markets,

“Hillary Clinton lied many times to the FBI. Nothing happened to her. Flynn lied and they destroyed his life.” – President Donald Trump, Dec. 4, 2017 Last Friday, former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn pleaded guilty in federal court to making false statements to the FBI during the course of an

What we often do not hear regarding the history of Thanksgiving is the other side of the story. The Pilgrims faced dire problems due to certain decisions that they made. For example, during their first winter in Plymouth, half of them died, and famine was the norm for the first

The last time American consumer debt was this high was.. well…NEVER. But now, it seems we are engaged in a high stakes game of consumer debt roulette. And the House is the only one who will win this game. Last summer, it was reported that people owed more on loans,

The ends justify the means. The left follows the usual predictable process. 1. Demonize a group 2. Treat assaults on it as liberation 3. Dismiss any abuses on account of the evil of the group Lefty identity politics invariably follows the same approach. And that approach is covered up with

According to recent reports, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has brought charges against former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn for allegedly lying to the FBI concerning Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. It is also expected that Flynn will testify against President Trump, claiming that he was given specific orders to contact the

Sitting ducks. That is the way I described the recent church massacre in Texas. “Like shooting fish in a barrel” one of my friends quipped. I wish it was funny…but it is not. It is time to admit that it is getting more and more dangerous to be a Christian