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It’s time to start talking to each other, listening more and shouting less.

As long as Congress refuses to exercise its Constitutional authority and oversight obligations – especially in matters of war and peace – we will continue our slide toward authoritarianism, where the president becomes a kind of king who takes us to war whenever he wishes.

“I know nothing,” isn’t just the motto of Sergeant Schultz. It’s also the Clinton motto. And Christopher Steele, the Brit whom the Clinton campaign hired to find out things for them, also knows nothing.

After 60 million murders, the abortionists in our land not only walk free, but the government pays them to commit these mass murders.

It is time for the American people to forget about which party controls Congress and who is in the White House and start standing en masse for the Constitution and Bill of Rights—and against ANY new gun control laws—or the Second Amendment (and the rest of our liberties) will soon be toast.

Men who understand true Biblical masculinity are a vanishing breed.  There is no group more bullied than the young American male.

It occurs to me that an interesting project for an investigative journalist might be looking into whether or not entities with a financial motive in ensuring high rates of incarceration engage in the widespread lobbying of lawmakers at the state, federal and local levels to bring about harsher sentences for low-level and nonviolent crimes.

Recently, a photo was released of Barack Obama meeting with Louis Farrakhan. The photo had been suppressed all these years to protect Obama’s career.