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This blue wave is sounding to me like a crime wave. This is not American and it is not “productive.”

What we’re witnessing is just the latest incarnation of the government’s battle plan for stamping out any sparks of resistance and keeping the populace under control: censorship, surveillance, battlefield tactics, military weaponry, and a complete suspension of the Constitution.

Despite Senator Woodburn’s arrest and trial, the nine domestic violence charges, four counts of assault, his progressive party is sticking with him. He is no longer the Minority Leader, but otherwise, he isn’t going anywhere.

Totalitarianism is the goal shared by activists for gun control, black liberation theology, and political Islam.

To the left, freedom means an entirely different thing. They are creating a world where opposing the most abhorrent behaviors is becoming an act of bigotry. To the left, personal responsibility and the merits of individualism are frowned upon and a collective, group think behavior is rewarded. Freedom then, becomes freedom from having to take responsibility for your actions. Freedom is being free from morality.

Senator Manchin has a hydrocodone plant in West Virginia.  Its name is Mylan Pharmaceutical and they are a competitor to the maker of Zohydro.  One of Mylan’s top-selling drugs is a hydrocodone opioid product.

If you really want to see what election interference looks like, you’re getting a live demonstration right now.

It’s a travesty in this republic when less than one percent of the population can influence government to trample upon basic God-given individual unalienable rights.  It’s the worst travesty when the people elect officials beholden to ideology instead of the Constitution or elect officials who appoint individuals beholden to ideology instead of the Constitution. 

CBF had made some very serious accusations against Kavanaugh and offered not one shred of evidence to back them up. But instead of investigating her role in what looks to be a deliberately planned campaign to prevent Kavanaugh’s confirmation, the media has gone silent. And now, she’s being nominated for her “courage” and for providing “inspiration” to sexual assault survivors. What a travesty.

The “left” hates the “right” and the “right” hates the “left”, and the mainstream media and many of our leading politicians are having a good old time stirring the pot on a continual basis. It is almost as if they actually want violence to happen.