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The confrontation between Google and Trump encapsulates the clash between the national and the multi-national, workers in red states and elites in blue cities, tradition and technocracy, the individual and the machine. The struggle will decide whether the future belongs to the individual or to Google.

While many people have attempted to prove the communist subversion of our nation to be a hoax, David Risselada attempts to debunk that theory by connecting their words and plans to events we see playing out on a daily basis.

How was it that Trump and the GOP sat back and did absolutely nothing to assist Judge Roy Moore when he was accused of decades-old sexual improprieties? Trump and the GOP left Judge Moore to be devoured by the wolves but then came to a ferocious defense, like a hornet’s nest defending its queen, when Kavanagh was accused in similar fashion. Why? Huh? Why?

Social media giants launched a massive purge of independent media on Thursday effectively wiping out hundreds of liberty-minded pages.

Leftists will fight to impose their values on America with trickery and lies, with elections and fake news, if they can. But if they fail politically, they will turn to political violence and terror. That is the religious civil war that has come to Washington D.C.  It is not a civil war of territories, but of convictions. Its causes are not to be found in economics or policies, but in the fanatical beliefs of a cult.

Shutting down the Federal Reserve would make Donald Trump a national hero, and potentially one of the greatest presidents in United States history.

This would actually be the perfect time for Trump not to appoint an ambassador to the UN and call for the US to exit the anti-American organization and demand Congress stop funding it and evict the UN from US soil, but I’m not holding my breath.

It is time for Americans to not only resist this tyranny, but lawfully deal with it as well. After all, our forefathers left us an example to emulate (1 Timothy 6:12).

We’re watching the biggest campaign against freedom of speech and thought that has ever occurred in our part of the world. The alternative media purge is just the beginning. And we should all be very concerned.

The Democrats and their media allies furiously preach anger, and their rage is tearing apart America.