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Congress ended the week by passing a continuing resolution keeping the government funded for one more week. This stopgap funding bill is designed to give Congress and the White House more time to negotiate a long-term spending bill. Passage of a long-term spending bill has been delayed over objections to

Have we lost sight of who we are supposed to be? In December 2014, Kimberli Lira’s husband was diagnosed with cancer. Melchor fought against the cancer as hard as he could for more than two years, but on February 14th, 2017s he passed away. Now Kimberli is struggling to adjust

There were ten major persecutions of Christians in the first three centuries: 1) Nero A.D. 54-68; 2) Domition A.D. 81- 96; 3) Trajan A.D. 98-117; 4) Antoninus Pius & Marcus Aurelius Antoninus A.D. 138-180; 5) Severus A.D. 193 – 211; 6) Maximus A.D. 235-238; 7) Decius A.D. 249-251; 8) Valerian

Do you ever feel like you have been completely abandoned by the world?  Do you struggle with feelings of loneliness, isolation and depression?  If so, you are far from alone.  Thanks to technology Americans are more isolated than they have ever been before, and as you will see below, this

Dinosaur media empires are dying.  Dinosaur business empires are dying.  Dinosaur political empires are dying.  But perhaps the most exciting (and important) news on the dino front is that dinosaur models of education are dying, too. By God’s grace and right in the nick o’ time, an age of radical decentralization is beginning to

“I don’t want a nation of thinkers. I want a nation of workers.” –John D. Rockefeller, created the General Education Board (GEB) in 1903 to dispense Rockefeller funds to education It has been documented that former slave and abolitionist Harriet Tubman said, “I freed a thousand slaves.  I could have

The Atlantic’s May cover features Alec Baldwin covered in orange makeup holding up a Trump wig. The cover asks, “Can Satire Save the Republic?” What is satire saving the Republic from? Republicans. While making America safe for Socialism. After Bush won, Democrats fought back by doubling down on the ridicule.

Want to build a hideaway homestead, or establish your dream home?  If you set it up right, you can get everything you want out of the deal. But there are some practical things you need to know, to make sure you will not be restricted by zoning, utility policies or

Recently, I heard popular host Glenn Beck state that he had eliminated the word “evil” from his vocabulary, the rationale being that he believed it would thwart efforts for conservatives to “come together” with their political opponents to solve the problems facing our nation. I acknowledge the fact that Beck

Prepping isn’t all about wiling away your hours in a bunker, reloading ammo. It’s about the everyday things we do and the differences in our mindsets from non-preppers, and these are things that only real preppers will understand. Preppers know these are actually signs of sanity, but we get used to being misunderstood