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Senator Rand Paul: “Someone Is Going To Be Killed” Because Of Democrats’ Violence-Inciting Rhetoric

Because Rosenstein has been compromised by the New York Times article, and somewhat marred by James Baker’s testimony, perhaps he will answer questions more truthfully. Whatever he says, President Trump will not make a move until after the midterms.

Brown’s action is part of the larger effort by the academic left to cast Columbus as a villain and focus on Native Americans as sainted martyrs.

Here’s the ultimate case of “what goes around comes around.”

Stop focusing on the circus in Washington and focus on the thousands of local officials who can and should use their valid authority to prevent murder in our communities.

This is another point on the checklist justifying the US pulling out of the UN, ceasing funding the corrupt cabal, evicting the entire body out of the US, and dismantling the useless organization that only wants to milk wealthy nations to enrich globalists and corrupt third world dictators.  Science should be the determining factor when evaluating climate change.  And, fortunately, science is not on the side of the global government wannabe.

Dina Habib Powell is a deep part of the Republican establishment. She is part of the swamp, part of the willfully ignorant McMaster crowd that clearly opposed Trump’s agenda. Back in 2017, she resigned her post of Deputy National Security Adviser NSC under Islamic apologist H. R. McMaster, whose failed views she shared.

Clinton said. “I want to stop the degrading of the rule of law. The delegitimizing of elections.”