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Another Independence Day is upon us. Each one presents to us a challenge: will we also fight for freedom and independence, or give them up? The struggle for freedom has not changed, and will never change. It is the eternal struggle over whether human beings will live free, or willingly

In 1988, a new program was created that would, unwillingly, give its name to an entire field of fake pictures. At the end of the eighties, Adobe Photoshop was not associated with faked photos. But the popularization of the graphics software made it possible for people to produce plausible fake

It’s said there’s as humongous bounty out there just waiting to be exploited and it will make all of us unimaginably wealthy. From Outer Places: The asteroid Psyche 16 is a very special space rock: it’s almost entirely made of metal, including iron, nickel, and gold, which has led astronomers to

Second only to Old Glory itself, the Betsy Ross Flag is the American icon. Its clean design is similar to our current flag, with 13 stripes and only 13 stars in a circle (representing the equal status of what were then the 13 united individual sovereign nations). This simplicity is perhaps the

Seven years ago, I sat in a college classroom simply awestruck at what my professors were saying. It was being suggested in an ever so subtle manner that anyone who didn’t vote for Barack Obama did so out of an unconscious bias against black people. What they were pushing of

One TV show depicts a little girl who’s been worked into such a frenzy by her teachers about climate change that she has an anxiety attack over fears that the Earth will become a sterile moonscape within her lifetime. Another features a group of mostly black, lower-income high school students who

Most of the Christians that you run into today really aren’t. Christians, that is.  They really aren’t Christians.  They have been tricked by phony preachers into believing that salvation of one’s soul is as simple as walking an aisle and repeating a prayer. Being a Christian requires more than simply

Every American knows what Independence Day is. Alongside Christmas and Thanksgiving, it’s one of the few holidays that hasn’t fallen prey to having to be celebrated on the closest Monday, rather than the actual day it falls on. However, less known is the history of the Fourth of July as a holiday. How

The 2020 Democrat primaries are underway with candidate after candidate promising a nation, not of free people, but of free things. Free college, free health care and free everything else. Even for illegal aliens. Of course, there’s a price to pay. You get free health care by giving up the

Once upon a time, Robert Francis O’Rourke was golden. Vanity Fair posed him in front of a barren landscape, declaring, “Man, I’m just born to be in it.” He put his dental visit on Instagram and made a video diary driving in a van while trying to figure out what he wanted