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Although Trump is taking a risk on Kim, he recognizes that Kim is not his father or his grandfather, that a denuclearized Korean Peninsula would dramatically improve global security and that the time to strike is now while the Regime is feeling tremendous financial pressure from the economic sanctions.

Islamic terrorists have shown a real talent for gaming the system. And gaming the system, like terrorism, is just finding chinks in the armor to exploit. Welfare fraud and suicide bombing are different sides of the same coin. And in Europe, Jihadists have been known to finance their plots with dole money. Just don’t call it crazy. When 40% of a population group is deemed loopy, that’s not crazy, it’s the new normal.

When the political elites betray the people, the people find new leaders.

Gun control is one of those issues that numberless Hollywood movies and TV shows have endlessly banged about for generations without changing a single mind.

The treatment being meted out to undocumented migrants and their children is only the beginning.

America will never be great as long as we kill our offspring.  Stop the denial.  Only the truth can set us free.

The attack on actress Priyanka Chopra is the latest example of how much fear of “Islamophobia” dominates popular culture, such that this popular show can depict a people who have historically been the victims of a devastating jihad as perpetrators of terrorism themselves.

Hopefully, this historic Trump/Kim meeting is the beginning of a dialogue that will continue to dial back the tensions. Hopefully, we can soon remove the 30,000 US troops that have been stationed in South Korea for seven decades. One thing Washington must do, however: stay out of the way as much as possible so as to allow the two Koreas to continue their peace process.