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Overall, approximately 5 million people have packed up and permanently moved out of California within the last 10 years.

Time to outlaw planes, cars and cows for Cortez’ Green New Leap Forward.

Am I saying Ilhan Omar is going to kill you, Bernie? Of course not. But it’s extremely unlikely that she is ever going to like you. And for all the support you give her, you will be out on your ear as fast as the Tudeh Party the minute you become no longer useful.

Leftists thought they had hit the jackpot last week in their never-ending quest to portray all dissenters from their totalitarian agenda as Nazis and/or tools of Vladimir Putin: video surfaced of black conservative activist Candace Owens of Turning Point USA appearing to say that the only problem with Adolf Hitler was that he carried his program outside of Germany.

When it comes to decisions on where to deploy or re-deploy troops once in battle it is clear that the Constitution grants that authority to the commander-in-chief. The real question we need to ask is why is Congress so quick to anger when the president finally seeks to end the longest war in US history?

Take your stand now—using every nonviolent means at your disposal—while you still can. Don’t wait to reflect back on missed opportunities to push back against tyranny.

One thousand scientists from around the world are rejecting the main premise behind Darwin’s theory claiming that there is no way it accounts for all the complexities of life. How could a Godless theory explain the complexities in a world created by God?

Face it: Donald Trump has surrounded himself with the dregs of government, a dean’s list of warmongers, globalists, Zionists and CFR elitists. And please STOP making excuses for Trump by saying he doesn’t realize what he’s doing. Balderdash! He knows exactly what he’s doing.

These are the same people who take issue with the death penalty for guilty criminals who have committed heinous acts, but have no problem with slaughtering the innocent in the womb, who have committed no crime.