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As business enters into 2017 and the Trump Administration with high hopes for a new boom, individual households remain less than optimistic about their own financial future. With overwhelming student debt, and factors such as increasing costs of living, a new housing and auto bubble, difficulty finding good work and

It has only been two weeks since Christmas, and already we are witnessing a stunning bloodbath of store closings.  Macy’s shocked the retail industry by announcing that they will be closing about 100 stores.  The downward spiral of Sears hit another landmark when it was announced that another 150 Sears

Don’t get me wrong, online business is that best way to go. However, people with jobs at brick and mortar businesses are going to have to be able to adapt to the changing of how business is conducted. Recent reports indicate that hundreds of brick and mortar stores are closing

In the following interview, Turd Ferguson of TF Metals Report interviews the one and only Dr. Jim Willie, in what is undoubtedly one of the best Dr. Willie interviews I’ve ever heard. The article that follows the interview is also from TF Metals Report, and it’s written by Grant Williams,

What lies ahead for the economy this year? Will the economy finally collapse as predicted by many or will the early positive signs in stock markets around the world continue and the global economy will flourish? I’ve taken a lot of heat for being “gloomy” and for “fear-mongering” lately when

We’re living in the calm before the storm. That much everyone can sense.  The stock market highs and holiday spending spree will soon be over, the inauguration will presumably go as planned, but that’s when everything could start to go off course. The only question is how the storm is

Something that is happening with increasing regularity across today’s mainstream media, is that regardless of what subject matter is being discussed, and despite the need today more than ever before for Americans to have access to accurate information that could prove vital for the safety and well-being of their families, almost

Behold, the power of banksters, and the very rapid shift into the cashless, digital control grid that has been an objective now for many decades. Suddenly, things are moving faster than anyone could have imagined. Officially, the government of India believes their demonetization efforts to haul in some 86% of

The demise of the dollar and the collapse of the economy could impact us in a big way during 2017, or in the near future. For better or worse, the age of Trump could soon become synonymous with financial crisis on a scale that has never before been seen. The

It’s hard to deny that ever since the overnight futures recovered on November 9th, the day after Donald Trump’s historic victory over Hillary Clinton, that a certain mindset has really taken hold over the American people. After eight years of failed Obama economic policies, suddenly Americans are very optimistic about