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To combat the problem of second hand smoke, lawmakers will soon be levying insane fines on parents who get caught smoking in their cars with kids.

The United Nations is a disaster and our country bankrolls over 20 percent of its annual budget.

It is likely that Omar’s paranoid hatred of Israel, rooted in Islamic anti-Semitism, made her a good candidate for this position in the eyes of Democrat leaders, who have been following a consistent anti-Israel line for years.

It looks like Pelosi’s wings are clipped until she comes to terms with who she is dealing with and what is needed to resolve the shutdown.

Don’t be surprised if there is not another rope-a-dope with Barr to get “conservatives” to support him for some other reason other than he is constitutionally qualified, just like they did in the Kavanaugh hearings.

The new House Democrat leadership wants to be taken seriously. Even as it gives every evidence of its fundamental unseriousness. 

That emphasis will change under the Democrats. The new terrorists are “homegrown” and include nationalists (shorthand for racist), constitutionalists, and libertarians. There will be hearings and possible show trials in the months ahead. The DHS will finally arrive at its final destination—a national secret police focused on political activism challenging the ruling elite and their contrived political arrangement.

He tried to ban guns, detergent, caffeine drinks and transfats.

While President Trump waited at the White House to negotiate with the traitorous Democrats… 40 of them went to see “Hamilton.” And they claim to care about those poor furloughed workers not getting paid! The Democrats — the party of the rich and the entitled.