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Article first appeared at Thedailysheeple. In yet another multi-billion-dollar settlement with the Department of Justice resulting from the 2008 housing bubble collapse, Goldman Sachs has now been ordered to pay $5.1 billion for failing to vet its mortgage-backed securities in a move that helped contribute to the economic crisis this

Article first appeared at Thedailysheeple. Throughout this presidential election cycle, both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have expressed support for bringing back torture techniques such as waterboarding, which were initially implemented under the Bush administration. However, these candidates are receiving resistance from CIA Director John Brennan. In a recent interview

Everyone is so focused on Democrats and Republicans running for the 2016 presidential nomination that they have completely ignored another silent majority backing a formidable candidate: John McAfee. John McAfee is a world-famous computer scientist, activist, developer of the first commercial anti-virus software program, and Libertarian Candidate for President of the United States. McAfee’s

Former GOP presidential candidate and current Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) took to his Facebook page following Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s appearance on The View and her Monday appearance on Meet the Press in which she stated that unborn human babies don’t have constitutional rights. Of course, specifically the right

(ANTIMEDIA) With Senator Bernie Sanders winning seven of the last eight delegate battles — the most recent was Tuesday night’s Wisconsin victory— there’s a feeling in the air that most progressives haven’t felt since the Iowa caucus. It speaks to a hard truth Hillary Clinton and her choleric campaign staffers will

“We are five days away from fundamentally transforming America…” ALL OF A SUDDEN… • All of a sudden, Islam is now taught in schools. Christianity, prayer, and the Bible are banned in schools. • All of a sudden, we must allow Muslim prayer rugs everywhere and allow for Islamic prayer

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton just can seem to understand why people question her honesty and believe her to be a liar, just like her husband Bill. Yet, she is constantly engaging in lies. A recent appearance on The View, a show that I honestly wonder how many people

Last week Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a brief with the Supreme Court representing a coalition of 26 states who reject Obama’s mandate to prevent deporting nearly 5 million illegals and also give them temporary work permits. The Supreme Court will hear the case on April 18, 2016. “The

The media adores the Islamic supremacist bigot and rabid anti-semite, Linda Sarsour. The Times did a puff piece on this annihilationist some time ago — what they’re puffing is anyone’s guess. I was surprised a quote of mine actually made it into the piece: Sarsour is an “anti-Semitic Islamic supremacist

Sources inside Congress have told Gun Owners of America that they may soon be taking up a concealed carry reciprocity bill. If enacted, this legislation would mean that your right to carry would no longer end at your state border. It would mean we would be one step closer to