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In the event Roger Stone suddenly drops dead, Hillary is to blame, the Trump confidant stated Thursday.

Trump just ended Hillary Clinton! In a video post to Instagram, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump exposed Democratic presidential front runner Hillary Clinton over her handling of Benghazi.

Less than two years after forcing universal background checks on to the citizens of Washington State, Gabby Giffords and the Democrat Party are now actively campaigning for new laws that would allow firearm confiscation!

Article first appeared at The Daily Sheeple. Here’s one way to Feel the Bern… (sorry, worst pun ever). Someone really wanted Bernie Sanders’ supporters to kill themselves. Literally. With a meme. This meme, complete with an encouraging fake “Bernie Sanders approves this tutorial” line at the bottom, began making the rounds across

Article first appeared at The Daily Sheeple. The person hosting this rally in Camden, New Jersey for Hillary Clinton displayed a weird form of self-censorship when she began to say the Pledge of Allegiance line “one nation under God,” but then caught herself, removing God and stammering straight to “indivisible

Russell Moore has come into the sights of likely GOP nominee Donald Trump. And this has revealed the riff in the Evangelical community that has been widening over the past several months.

Article first appeared at The Free Thought Project. If there is one aspect of Donald Trump’s campaign that is consistent, it is his knack for being astonishingly inconsistent. Letting the world know that he fabricates his policy from the seat of his pants, Trump just made two massive u-turns. During

GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump leveled some harsh attacks at President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the rest of the Obama administration’s foreign policy brain trust when he argued that our foreign policy has to change because… “We can’t be the stupid people anymore.”

GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump unleashed a plethora of accusations at Hillary Clinton over protecting her husband’s adulteries with many women, including accusations of rape. He told an Oregon rally that Clinton was a “unbelievably nasty, mean enabler” who “destroyed” the lives of many of her husband’s mistresses. Trump’s comments

Paul Ryan wants Republicans to keep importing foreign workers despite party voters backing Donald Trump and his “promise of immigration restrictions.”