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World War II Veteran Warren Bodeker from Plains, Montana is no stranger to controversy. He was a war hero who was involved in the saving of 2,000 American prisoners from execution by the Japanese, only to return home to have the federal government intimidate him and threaten to take his

Article first appeared at by Melissa Dykes Thedailysheeple – I know. Fiorina is scary and she’s basically there as a female stand-in to balance the fact that everyone knows Hillary Clinton could cannibalize a baby on the White House lawn and still get the Dem nomination. Still, her Hillary diss at

Article first appeared at by of Thedailysheeple – The Los Angeles City Council voted Tuesday to pay $16.7 million and $7.6 million to Kash Register and Bruce Lisker, respectively, who were arrested as teens and spent a combined 60 years in jail for murders they did not commit. While

Article first appeared at by of Thedailysheeple – An incident in which several civilians with a white flag came under fire has been caught on camera. The victims are reported to be Kurds in the town of Cizre, where they were allegedly shot at by Turkish troops. WARNING: GRAPHIC

Article first appeared at by Joshua Krause Thedailysheeple – It’s been nearly two years since the residents of Flint, Michigan were first exposed to highly polluted tap water. The financially insecure city switched its water supply from Lake Huron to the Flint River, which saved the city millions of dollars.

Article first appeared at by Pamela Geller Pamelageller – Chancellor Merkel imports millions of devout Jew-haters and then declares that Jew-hatred is widespread. Merkel called for “intensive action” against anti-Semitism on Saturday. If she meant it, she would halt Muslim immigration and deport the millions of the 21st century’s Nazis whom

Attorney General Loretta Lynch has been backing Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah’s unconstitutional executive orders to impose gun control. Now she’s telling us just how much it’s going to cost, $80 million! On Wednesday, Lynch told Congress, “I have complete confidence that the common sense steps announced by the president

Article first appeared at by Jason Van Tatenhove Oathkeepers – Fellow Oath Keepers and Patriots, We are working with Pacific Patriots Network (PPN)(See which has established a buffer between the Wildlife Refuge occupiers and the authorities in Oregon.  PPN has asked Oath Keepers to put out the call for

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is running for President, but the campaign is not going so well right now. He’s fallen to the back of the pack (though some polls have him scoring near the middle of the field), and he’s working hard to remain relevant as primary voting begins in

Article first appeared at by Daniel Greenfield sultanknish – Your classic troll was an amoral sociopath or played one on the internet. His only cause was his own amusement. He advocated horrible and contradictory causes because it amused him to infuriate people. If he could get an entire group howling for his