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It’s a long-time running joke that nothing is certain in life but death and taxes. In all honesty, it isn’t a joke; but a verifiable truth. All living things, including man, die and the federal government taxes its citizens on pretty much everything. If the government needs more money to

This guy is such a slick fake. If the Powers that Shouldn’t Be didn’t in some way really want him and his terrible politics in office, even as a potential VP, he wouldn’t still be in the running. If you watched the last debate, it’s a good thing you finally

When we watch NASCAR, the corporate sponsors of the drivers are clearly visible. When we watch a movie, the product placements are hard to ignore. And when we watch a TV show, the unavoidable commercials reveal who is really paying for the show’s production. So why is it that when

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has only been on the job for about a year, but he has already made his mark on the nation around him. Abbott has stood against Planned Parenthood, he has fought back against the gun grabbing attempts of the fascist liberal left, and now he has

Once again, Congressional representatives overstep their Constitutional bounds and advance a resolution that condemns free speech, something protected in the First Amendment, which is part of the very Constitution these anti-Americans swore an oath before God to uphold. Oh, I know, they claim it is “hate speech,” but it really

In the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings we warned that sweeping changes were in the works for Americans’ right to bear arms. It started with ammunition tax proposals, restrictions on firearm accessories imports and most recently Governors began bypassing Congress altogether by banning gun ownership for those on any of

In case many have not heard, the State of Virginia is set to cease recognition of concealed carry weapons permits from 25 states under the authority of Democrat Attorney General Mark Herring. Virginia’s GOP party, unhappy with Herring’s action, fired back at Herring with Republican State legislators looking to relieve

As I previously wrote concerning Trey Gowdy, I have had my doubts about him. Not only does Gowdy claim that no one can know what the Founders meant by Natural Born Citizen, something the Constitution demands a president be, but he has failed to bring forth any justice in the

In a race to see who could give away more to people who have not earned their way, we should not be surprised at this reaction. The three primary candidates for the DNC nomination have shown themselves to be more than willing to hand out our money. It has reached

“In the United States, we do not have a king, but we do have a Constitution. We also have the Second Amendment, and I will fight tooth and nail to protect it.” –Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) Kentucky Senator Rand Paul today introducedthe Separation of Powers Restoration and Second Amendment Protection