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The Ted Cruz campaign machine made a stop in Utah on Saturday in an effort to shore up Senator Cruz’s big lead in the Beehive State. However, one of his stops wasn’t specifically for his own presidential aspirations, it was to help bolster the reelection bid of his good friend,

Just for a change of pace, here’s an example of elected officials governing according to the will of the people. is reporting that the State of Idaho is just one house floor vote away from legalizing permitless concealed carry of firearms in that state. Last Monday, the Senate State Affairs

On Friday, former Massachusetts Governor and presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced that he was endorsing and actively campaigning for Ted Cruz! Mitt Romney on Facebook: This week, in the Utah nominating caucus, I will vote for Senator Ted Cruz. Today, there is a contest between Trumpism and Republicanism. Through the

The paradox of the individualistic society is that it can only exist if individuals embrace virtues that are greater than their own needs and whims. A society where each individual acts as a little tyrant, pursuing his desires with total selfishness at the expense of everyone else becomes collectivist as

Sometimes the hypocrisy is just so glaring that it demands you comment on it. In February, David Duke encouraged his supporters to volunteer and vote for Donald Trump. This drew the wrath of all sorts of political pundits, as well as GOP presidential candidates, including constitutionally ineligible Senator Ted Cruz

Do you ever wonder how it is possible that millions of Americans could support Hillary Clinton? Going back the last three decades you’d be hard-pressed to find any actual success stories or accomplishments – even Hillary can’t name her own accomplishments! In fact, if you actually cared about America like many

News headlines referring to Franklin Graham asking Christians to vote for the “least heathen” candidate are misleading and mistakingly portray the message Graham is giving in each state capital on his Decision America Tour. Overlooking his message of goodwill, news outlets from PJMedia to Charisma News are printing a quote that Graham apparently did

If establishment Republican elites joining with prominent conservative leaders to create a Super PAC in an effort to thwart Donald Trump wasn’t enough to fuel an already rising frustration and anger level among the public, the announcement that the delegates at the convention could ignore the voters’ choice from the

On Thursday a group of lawmakers took steps to bring balance back to our federal government and begin curtailing the power of the executive in D.C. One of our government’s biggest problems in recent years is that unelected officials have been giving the power to interpret laws and create new

The Donald has completely taken over the news cycle. His path of victory after victory in GOP primary states has the establishment freaking out, and every major media outlet scrambling for a way to stop Trump, or at least to damage his reputation. But why is he being compared to