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Following the announcement of resignation by John Boehner, several people have been mentioned to replace him. However, most people don’t realize that the Speaker of the House of Representatives can come from outside the body of Congress. In light of that, a new grassroots effort is underway to elect former

It is refreshing to see that Trump is the only candidate who is not touting the typical superficial anti-Russia propaganda that America has been hearing for decades. Trump supports Putin entering Syria with Russian military presence, which means that he supports the protecting of Christians, which is what the Russian

I have warned before that if people give Donald Trump enough time, he will show his true colors. He has been giving us glimpses previously concerning marriage, the Christian faith, even a hint at the Second Amendment, but people like his charisma and his “get things done” attitude. Well, now

As a Christian, I firmly believe God created the heaven and the earth and made man in His own image; however, for some, I question whether evolution played a factor as many humans act as though they came from a primordial soup mixture of amoeba that can’t distinguish their head

We are approaching that dreaded season, the one all of us truly hate.  No, I’m not talking about winter, but the campaign season.  That horrid time when campaigns begin to crank out propaganda by the pound, and we hate to see it coming.  We hate it because we know that

When looking at the Democratic Party, one can see clowns on the left and jokers on the right. It doesn’t get any better in the Republican Party either. Because of this, America is witness to incessant “dog and pony” shows where the only accomplishments made by both parties and chambers

Presidential candidate Ben Carson has been the victim of a media lynching for saying he would oppose a Muslim running for president. Carson is being savaged by the media for saying, “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree

Hillary Clinton continues her stunning fall from grace, as the former First Lady and Secretary of State just can’t seem to stem the bleeding that surrounds her corrupt campaign. Each new day sees more disaffected voters abandoning her and moving into one of two other camps – that of socialist

Donald Trump, though being unrepentant and unwilling to acknowledge the need for forgiveness from the God of the Bible, did appeal to the shallowness of conservatives and Christians alike when he was accompanied by Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson and his childhood bible to reclaim Christmas. The Daily Mail reports: The

Most conservatives have known for years that Boehner was not a true conservative, but a true politician.  He has shown us signs that this was the case.  He always put on a brave face, but caved when it became politically expedient to do so.  He has repeatedly abandoned his stated