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It’s not often that we get to meet a “politician” that’s worth supporting. For the most part, the politicians leading our nation today have proven themselves to be self-interested and craven polluters of our culture, as opposed to the helpful humanitarians they pretend to be. But not all are bad…

At a conference in Iowa last year, Ted Cruz emphasized his support for Big Agra, GMOs and, as a result, the likes of Monsanto. According to The Washington Times: Sen. Ted Cruz said Saturday that the nation should push back against the “hysteria” over food made with genetically modified organisms, saying

Whether it is the federal government or the State government, officials in government are under the impression they have every right to make decisions for the individual that would make us safer, healthier and poorer. States mandated seat belts. Those who are in violation of the law receive a ticket

Yesterday, it was reported that Republican “establishment figures” gathered in Washington, DC to “lunch” and foment a plan to derail Donald Trump. Of course, this is only one plan in the works hatched by Republican oligarchs to place their desired “golden boy” or another loser in the election against another

While actors are just people, we know many are simple closet socialists and communists. However, we have seen several like Kurt Russell and James Woods who have been very vocal in their opposition to the current administration. Now, actor Jean-Claude Van Damme has voiced his opinion that there is no

Something truly profound took place during the CNN Democrat Town Hall on Sunday night. A woman from Ohio asked a very important question of Hillary Clinton, and Clinton responded with what may be the most heartless and dissatisfying answer ever given by a presidential contender. Here’s the question from Teresa

A little known fact to most voters is that Republican delegates don’t have to vote in accordance with their respective state’s binding primary result. Delegates are supposed to represent the voters of their state, but according to Republican National Committee (RNC) rules for the Republican National Convention, delegates can vote

America is coming apart at the seams, and Trump rallies have become the latest flashpoint for the rising tide of civil unrest that is sweeping the nation.  For years, I have been writing about the increasing levels of anger and frustration in this country, but now they are reaching a

The Democratic Party has a problem: superdelegates. A system the party created to protect itself from the wrong kind of Democratic nominee. But those superdelegates could actually destroy the Democratic Party going into this year’s presidential election. This is a Reality Check you won’t see anywhere else. “Well, look, I

Senator Rand Paul may have ended his presidential bid after failing to win the primary in Iowa, but that doesn’t mean that he’s stopped fighting for the American people. Paul is once again standing on principle and fighting back against the cronyism, waste, and corruption in Washington, D.C. This time