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While everyone has focused on the three-ring circus that is the 2016 GOP presidential candidates, the “attitudes” of Trump and Cruz, and the “natural born citizen” requirement to vet Cruz, Rubio and Jindal, the 2016 Democratic presidential circus has enjoyed a back seat. The House Benghazi committee continues to receive

Georgia’s Democrat Party has finally come clean about their views on the 2nd Amendment. They don’t think it should exist. On January 11, Democrats in the state of Georgia began an all-out assault on our Constitutional liberty by introducing a new bill that would ban “assault weapons” and also give

Fishing waders? Check. Big rubber boots? Check. Respirator? Check. Now, to don it all. Again, the debate last night was missed but plenty of outlets covered the heated discussion between Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Donald Trump regarding the eligibility of Cruz to throw his hat into the ring as

Article first appeared at by Truthstream Media of Thedailysheeple – Here are some hallmark examples of verbal and bodily cues that lying liars exhibit when they lie, as demonstrated for you by the president… with a bonus from the State Dept. The question in this particular example regarded how the

Article first appeared at by Joshua Krause Thedailysheeple – A luxury hotel in the landlocked West African nation of Burkina Faso, was the scene of a devastating terrorist attack late last night. The ‘Splendid Hotel’ which is a popular destination for Westerners, UN officials, and diplomats, was seized by a small

Article first appeared at by Joshua Krause Thedailysheeple – What started as a free for all last year, has become more restrictive with time as European nations begin to shutter their borders to any new refugees coming from the Middle East. Now Germany and Austria, the only nations that are still

Vice President Joe Biden is at it again, putting things in the Constitution that aren’t there and then attempting to go after guns just like he and his partner in crime, Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah, has done. Only this time, he is actually stating, “The Second Amendment says you

Article first appeared at by Joshua Krause Thedailysheeple – One of the most startling developments in the War on Terror, was when the Department of Homeland Security started classifying previously benign behaviors and beliefs as signs of terrorism. Are you a conservative or a libertarian? Terrorist. Are you an evangelical Christian? Terrorist.

Article first appeared at by Melissa Dykes   Thedailysheeple – It would appear a large segment of the liberal Dem population is definitely “Ready for Hillary”… to take away your guns, America. After focusing her campaign around the idea that the U.S. desperately needs more gun control in recent months leading up to

Article first appeared at by Joshua Krause Thedailysheeple – For most of Germany’s post World War Two history, their political scene has been largely devoid of any right-wing rhetoric. The reason why is obvious enough. Living under a brutal fascist regime that contributed to the deaths of millions has a habit