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Senator Ted Cruz had a pretty good night on Tuesday he had some strong responses during several key moments in the debate; he offered a strong defense of his excellent tax plan, he carved a middle-ground on foreign policy between Marco Rubio and Rand Paul, and he absolutely hammered Jeb

Donald Trump promised that if he became president, he will conduct an investigation on Hillary Clinton for crimes, and he also said that the only reason why she’s running is because she wants to keep herself away from jail. According to the report: Speaking at a presidential campaign rally in

Socialist Democrat Nydia Velazquez (D-NY) is apparently wanting to tax gun owners $100 per firearm! However, she isn’t the only one. She’s got 12 co-sponsors to a new bill of hers to do so! HR 3830, introduced by Velazquez, won’t look to tax those firearms purchased by her statist government,

Barack Hussein Obama has been relentless since he has been in office about trying to push more gun control laws, which are attacks on the Second Amendment. After every mass shooting that has occurred in America, he has come out to advance what is ultimately a gun confiscation agenda. It

Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald said Friday that more claims about the agency should be fact-checked, just as he uttered a complete falsehood. “I’m always glad when veterans issues are raised, I just wish there would be more fact-checking on some of the numbers that are used,” McDonald

The brilliant and provocative Dinesh D’Souza gave a well-received and brilliantly astute speech highlighting the striking similarities between the Democrat Party and a gang of criminals. D’Souza was in Bozeman, Montana speaking to a crowd of patriots when he began explaining what he learned while incarcerated with some of America’s

Earlier this week MSNBC’s Morning Joe team sat down with the often-villainized billionaires Charles and David Koch. The Koch brothers are demonized by liberals as the epitome of everything that is wrong with capitalism. Is it because the billionaire brothers are unethical or use their money to wreak havoc upon

Occasionally, I’ve been known to peruse the Commentary section at WND prior to settling upon a topic so that I don’t hit too close to something a colleague has already addressed that week. A few years back, Ann Coulter and I actually came up with identical titles for our columns

Yesterday, the internet was buzzing over the libelous story put out by Politico concerning Ben Carson‘s claims regarding West Point. I dealt with those claims, as well as others. Sadly, many “conservatives” jumped on the bandwagon to call Carson a liar, just as Politico had. Shame on them! They both

Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger is one of many who are confused as to what the foundations of the united States are about. According to a letter that was posted to his website, Kinzinger claims the same protection of Muslims to implement Sharia is protected under the Constitution. “While our Founding Fathers thoughtfully