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For four months, the Leftist media has worked to stampede the Trump administration into jettisoning conservative principles and moving to the Left. Thus far, the White House has been good on guns. Trump signed a resolution repealing the Social Security Gun Ban.  He signaled that he will sign concealed carry

The deep state is orchestrating a political coup against President Trump, and this latest move makes it clear that they are going for the jugular. Now that former FBI director Robert Mueller has been appointed as “special counsel” to investigate the scandals swirling around the Trump administration, the mid-term elections

Leading democrat representative Maxine Waters has been gunning for President Donald Trump since before he took office. In March, the oft aloof and confused politician tweeted that America should prepare for the impeachment of Trump: Get ready for impeachment. — Maxine Waters (@MaxineWaters) March 21, 2017 My, how times have

It looks like President Trump is drowning in, not draining the swamp. Even the FBI stopped working with Muslim Brotherhood’s anti-American agenda. Much, but not all of this evidence, was documented in United States v. Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development  et al., 3:04-cr-00240-P (N.D. Texas) (“HLF”). The evidence

There have been many things I have applauded Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) over, but recently the Republican congressman has simply made some ridiculous decisions.  First, it was to vote in favor of the Republican-authored American Health Care Act.  Now, he seems to be siding with the delusional Democrats over an

From day one, President Trump’s administration has been dogged by accusations that he is somehow in league with the Russians. To be fair, Trump has a lot of flaws that are worth criticizing, but the mainstream media has refused to relent on this particular issue, even though there isn’t any

Never before has a president had so many members of his own party so eager to stick a knife in his back. Now that they smell blood, a number of treasonous Republicans are openly talking about impeaching Donald Trump even though there is no evidence that he has committed any

Millions of Californians are outraged by a recent bill that would increase the state’s gas tax by 12 cents per gallon, and increase vehicle license fees by $50 per year. All told, the plan amounts to a $52 billion tax hike. The proposal has since been passed in the state’s

The wolves are circling, and members of Congress from both political parties are now openly talking about impeaching President Trump.  On Wednesday, speculation of a looming Trump impeachment sent stocks plunging.  The Dow was down 372 points, and the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq both experienced their largest declines in

Next month, citizens of Puerto Rico are going to vote on statehood, and the absolutely devastating economic collapse that is gripping the island could be enough to push pro-statehood forces over the edge to victory.  Of course, Congress has the final say on whether Puerto Rico becomes a state or