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It’s Congress’ job to regulate interstate commerce, and federal lawmakers should address this issue, not leave it up to the Supreme Court or the states.

Colorado’s Levi Tilleman is running for Congress and thinks pepper spray in a breakable glass cabinet is just what teachers need to defend students against a mass shooter. He then demonstrates how incredibly stupid he is.

Why shouldn’t Turkey just be kicked out of NATO due to its totalitarianism and seeking to purchase military equipment from the Russians? Isn’t the point of NATO to guard against Russia?

Needless to say, you don’t need a license to own a gun, just like you don’t need a license to engage in any of the other rights that are supposed to be protected under our Constitution, like exercising the Christian religion in public, free speech, freedom of the press or freedom of assembly.

These people are trying to silence any opposition to what they are doing.  They are devious and cunning in their approach, acting as if they care about people’s privacy when what they are really after is more control and silencing their opposition.

A man is running for Congress, despite the fact that he is an admitted rapist who openly promotes pedophilia and incest on white supremacist websites.

It would be far less expensive and less invasive to simply recognize the right of the people in the matter and let the people do their duty to defend themselves, but this is what I have warned about.  The left attacks our rights head on and the right seeks to grow government without pushing back on what has been infringed.

America is a constitutional republic, not a monarchy. It’s past time that the American people started reminding their congressmen and senators of that fact before more of our brave young men and women in uniform are brought back in flag-draped coffins, having died for the parochial agendas of ignominious people who are using that flag not for the cause of liberty and protection of America but for their own financial fortunes.

Democrats want it both ways. First, they criticize and condemn the president for his diplomatic dealings with North Korea and Kim Jong Un. Then they criticize and condemn when his diplomacy is snubbed and North Korea scorns the summit.

The American people are paying attention and they will force the Democrat Party to regret their decision give aid and comfort to such an evil organization as MS-13.