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Consumer advocacy groups are calling the student loan paycheck deductions “mandatory wage garnishment” and are throwing up red flags.

Democrats always get what they want in the end. The Republicans are playing checkers while the Democrats are playing chess, and meanwhile, our entire country is going down the tubes.

I can think of no greater insult to our veterans than to assimilate them into a global minion. That’s so anti-American.

HR 280 is not the best way to help our kids play safer sports or have safer play time, certainly not at the leading and advice from Gates-funded groups. Sports has already been ground through the CCSS Machine.

You would think Qatar is somehow the Senate foreign policy priority, as opposed to destroying ISIS or checking China.

How many hundreds of millions of our taxpayer dollars went to fund this Kafkaesque persecution all because the treasonous left refused to accept the results of free and fair elections? America is under siege from within.

Expect more of that in the weeks to come, as the protean Green New Deal changed with every passing minute to become whatever Democrats need it to be, and “journalists” stubbornly refuse to remind you what they were saying about it yesterday.

If ever we needed an example of the wickedness of Congress overreaching not only into education, but our families, these two Bills should be a massive wake up call!