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Recent polls show that the majority of Americans approve of President Trump’s recent meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Among Republicans, a vast majority support the meeting. Perhaps a good defeat in November will wake these neocon warmongers up.

This pay-for-play operation run by Maxine Waters might be legal, but it is definitely not ethical by any stretch of the imagination.

The recent EU deal was a huge victory for the Trump administration as it offers more evidence to support the President’s claim that he would eliminate all tariffs, if only our trade partners would do the same.

While President Donald Trump “hints” that he “might” seek prosecution against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (yeah, right), Clinton has been free to do as she likes, and her latest dealings are in her political front group giving Democrats $95,000 for the 2018 midterms.

Someone once said, “It’s the soapbox first, the ballot box, second and the ammo box when the other two fail.” Where do you think we are?

Ryan has said he will be stepping down this year.  Perhaps, it’s time that Republicans in the House coordinate together to impeach Ryan for his complicity in Rosenstein’s obstruction and oust him sooner rather than let him leave later.

The more they take over incrementally, the more they will begin to impose the Sharia.  All it takes is for Americans to repent and put an end to this and God will heal our land.