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Frankly, I’m wondering just how this Church is getting away with having politics being spoken in its pulpit and maintaining a 501c3, aren’t you?  Isn’t this the party that cries the non-existent “separation of church and state” mantra constantly?

The Republicans promised they would impeach Rosenstein. Now we wait to see where it leads.

After the state passed a $37,400,000,000.00 budget, a local lawmaker is now calling for an extra tax on tap water to combat lead contamination.

Leftwing journalist Glenn Greenwald is no fan of President Trump’s policies, but he simply cannot understand how the leftwing media keeps getting so riled up at everything that Trump does.

These people are known criminals and traitors to the American people.  It is a slap in the face of every red-blooded American that they are allowed to breathe, let alone get on air and pontificate their propaganda and have security clearance.  It’s time justice was brought down on the heads of these liars, conspirators and criminals.

That latest revelation, of course, has already leaked. So it does make sense: If anyone had anything on Trump, it’d already be out there.

Thanks in large part to capitalism, the entire world is getting better every single day.

Any intellectually honest review of the last decade of foreign policy would lead one to admit that President Trump has most assuredly been tougher on Putin and Russia than Obama ever was.

Reefer madness has peaked in New Jersey as a lawmaker claims legalizing marijuana will hurt the upper-class white people and have sex toys being sold all over the state.

Paul argues that the only reason people are upset about Trump’s Helsinki meeting with Putin is because the media and the left have been driven mad by “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”