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Warren doesn’t fight for anyone but herself.  She’s as fake as CNN when it comes to being a fighter for the ignorant people who elected her.

I agree with the senators in that I would love for companies to keep our information private, but I find it ironic that they aren’t saying a word about how the federal government is grabbing up bulk data on Americans from companies doing the exact same thing they are complaining about with smart TVs without a warrant.

Like a Tom Cat that’s about to make a meal of a new kitten, Joe Lieberman is proving once again how Democrats tend to eat their own.

I hope the little useful idiots who follow people like Cortez and Waters are prepared for what will come if they turn violent because I don’t think they are as evidenced in Portland a couple of weeks ago.

UBI will never work and basically rewards people for doing nothing, which encourages them to do nothing.

The same Socialists who tried their best to keep Trump from getting elected and continue to try to get him impeached after he won.

In the end, nothing that Trump could have possibly done would have pleased his critics, and the joint press conference at the end of the summit was enough to push some of them completely over the edge.

The Texas congressman said that the FBI knew exactly who intercepted the emails and it was not the Russians.

President Trump is far more popular than the media gives him credit for.

That is very good news for Republicans. Schumer would need every Dem Senator to vote against the confirmation and convince 2 Republicans to also vote against Kavanaugh.