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More and more, the supporters and minions of people like Maxine Waters are becoming openly violent, but it’s Trump who is inciting people, right?  It’s Donald Trump who is hateful, right?

Higgins introduced the legislation this week which, if passed, will force all federal lawmakers to be randomly drug tested once per term for illegal drug use.

Senator Feinstein hasn’t done any research on the matter.  She merely parrots whatever she wants to parrot despite the fact that she doesn’t tell you the who story.

Her latest antics are to point to a more than 30 year old claim that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh engaged in sexual misconduct while he was in high school and somehow claim that he may have committed a crime while at the same time remaining silent on two women who have accused Rep. Keith Ellison, who is running for Attorney General in Minnesota, of abusing them, one of them making the claim this year.

While this is certainly good news to hear, the fact that it comes from warmongering Council on Foreign Relations member John Bolton is concerning.  Could this be the prelude to his advice to President Donald Trump to continue more unconstitutional, aggressive attacks on countries without congressional approval?  Probably.

Why did Campa-Najjar change his name? Probably to obscure his connection to his Munich jihad terrorist grandfather, and to fool Californians into thinking he has Hispanic roots.

What is shameful about this is that Garlin Gilchrist’s views are mainstream in the Democrat Party today.

Senator John Cornyn read the potential charge against Booker at the hearing, and the Democratic Senator from New Jersey responded bluntly, “Then apply the rule and bring the charges.” Since no charges will be brought, this demonstrates once again the WWE of politics by the Republicans and Democrats. All bark and not bite!