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Democrats and Republicans are both vile, regardless of which party controls the White House;  but, particularly so when the occupant gains favor from the people.

No one is surprised that Hillary Clinton is as tone-deaf, prideful, and idiotic as she’s always been… are we? The only thing that is surprising is that she allowed her mask to drop long enough to be heard being as honest as she was.

In what can be called a Freudian slip, a US congressman accidentally admitted that the government is scared of the blockchain because it makes it harder for them to control you.

U.S. Representative Ken Buck was elected to Congress in 2014, and he recently authored a book that is shaking Washington to the core.

The Illinois House has passed a bill that will force legal gun owners to turn in their weapons to the government or become criminals overnight.

In an attack on homeschoolers, lawmakers are now pushing legislation that will force families to consent to warrantless inspections, home visits, and a slew of regulation.

Trump has made clear that he is not “closing the door on any front” to attack the Second Amendment, including banning bump stocks and raising the age to purchase rifles from 18 to 21, and who knows what else the Communist Democrats will come up with. However, in the end, none of this will stop any crime, including mass shootings at schools.

Washington legislators have passed what many are referring to as the most disturbing bill in history that legalizes the commercial sale of human babies to anyone with enough money to buy one.

They know it will not do one thing to stop mass shootings but they are using it to wrap a more devious gun confiscation scheme in it.  You’ve been warned, and no doubt, President Donald Trump will back it all the way to his desk.  He’s already shown his true colors on the Second Amendment, as if many of us didn’t expect it in the first place.