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Are we witnessing the end of the EU as we know it? Things have become so utterly unstable in the European forecast that experts are now expecting to see full on clashes, and eventually, even civil war in the streets. The pressure of increasing terror attacks in major EU countries,

In the ongoing saga of Venezuela’s sad economic slide into hell, it came as a strong arm move on the part of President Maduro. Bank runs are happening in Venezuela, but not to pull money from the banks; rather, to get their 100 Bs. bills into the banks before a

In order to maintain their power, two House Representatives from California has pushed through H.R 6393: Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017, which is in response to the real fake news mainstream media‘s claims that alternative media putting forth “fake news” are nothing more than agents of “Russian propaganda.”

The election of Donald Trump has brought a giant wave of optimism to conservative America unlike anything that we have seen since probably the days of Ronald Reagan. Millions of Americans that were once deeply pessimistic about the future of this country now have hope again thanks to what many

Donald Trump gave a lesson in “loving your enemy” Thursday night. Trump stood three seats from Hillary Clinton at the annual Al Smith dinner, which honors the first Catholic presidential candidate from three generations ago. Donald made fun of himself and his wife, as well as Hillary and her liberal

Congressmen Darrell Issa (R-CA), Steven Chabot (R-OH), and Jim Jordan (R-OH) are not happy with the way that the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s malfeasance has been handled. I know this with absolute certainty thanks to Wednesday’s House hearing on the issue. Congressman Jordan was able to get Director Comey

Just when you think you’ve heard it all with Hillary Clinton, you haven’t. With Hillary, it can always get trashier, more scandalous, or even more corrupt than the time before. in a way it reminds me a lot of the most unbelievably scandalous video Hillary wishes never saw the light

How can any society withstand this perfidy? Is it any wonder that the Brits voted for Brexit? As for human rights violations — savages are not human. “Government ordered to pay £13,000 to convicted terrorist in human rights ruling,” By Hannah Al-Othman, Evening Standard, September 14, 2016: The Government has

It is becoming clearer that the Obama administration is one of the most treasonous administration’s in our nation’s history. I’ve documented their financing and supplying of weapons to the Muslims Brotherhood here. However, with the recent admissions that the administration illegally paid $1.7 Billion to Iran, it’s now being reported

Article first appeared at The Free Thought Project. Samuel and Vicki Weaver (left and rear-center) pose with Sara and Rachel. Randall and Vicki Weaver and their children wanted nothing more than to be left to live an isolated life in peace in their cabin enclave on a northern Idaho mountain