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The speed with which socialism can take an economy or government from viability to ruin is nothing short of astounding. When socialist regimes have widespread support or a mandate (or perceive that they have one or both), they enjoy the latitude to bring about this destruction even more quickly. Last

Donald Trump has created a storm around the nation. Love him or hate him, the one thing that can be said about Trump is his ability to inadvertently expose the ugly head of the Republican Party snake. The GOP establishment and elites are so anti-Trump that they are willing to

It is not a bad thing to dislike a candidate for president. We are not all going to agree who would make a good leader of our nation. We cannot decide what our country needs to do going forward; we should not be surprised that some strongly dislike this or

A little known fact to most voters is that Republican delegates don’t have to vote in accordance with their respective state’s binding primary result. Delegates are supposed to represent the voters of their state, but according to Republican National Committee (RNC) rules for the Republican National Convention, delegates can vote

There is only one reason for Hillary Clinton even having a shot at the Oval Office, a Congress that has failed to indict her and see that she receive justice.  Yet, America is facing the very real possibility of Clinton entering the White House and more of her attacks on the Constitution

  Venezuela is in complete chaos as a result of their economic collapse. And as a result, state-rationed food and groceries have run out, prices are hyper-inflated and millions of people are waiting in huge lines for any goods that are available. Black markets have gone boom, with neighbors making

Sen. Bernie Sanders brought his “Feel the Bern” tour here to Atlanta this week. Sanders, hoping to break through something called the Clinton “firewall.” What is that, and can he do it?

As you read this article, Turkish forces are massing along the border with Syria, and the largest “military exercises” in the history of the Middle East are being held in northern Saudi Arabia.  The Saudis are publicly warning that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad “will be removed by force” if a

The American people were happily being violated with a smiles on their faces by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). This is an agency that has no constitutional authority and since its inception has not thwarted one act of “violence” towards the American people.

For the first time ever, the Baltic Dry Index has fallen under 400.  As I write this article, it is sitting at 394.  To be honest, I never even imagined that it could go this low.  Back in early August, the Baltic Dry Index was sitting at 1,222, and since