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The government’s sole function is to secure and protect the rights of the individual. Democrat cities have turned it inside out and now endanger the lives of its citizens. White Center man convicted of rape accused of attacking victim days after his release from jail Francisco Carranza-Ramirez was supposed to

Despite the horrific video showing the officer shoot a man for helping an autistic patient who was holding a toy truck, a jury acquitted him.

In a key seismic zone approximately 40 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, there have been more than 1,000 earthquakes since May 25th.  Needless to say, it would be quite alarming for the entire state of California to experience more than 1,000 significant earthquakes in just 3 weeks, but in

China isn’t backing down when it comes to the trade war.  The Chinese government has just raised tariffs on imports coming in from the United States and cut duties on goods from other countries. In addition to gaining an edge against the U.S. in the trade war, lowering tariffs on

Oberlin College just lost a huge court battle which will result in the school paying up to $44.2 million to local baker David Gibson. However, the final settlement is likely to be closer to $33 million. It is a case that largely looks like political correctness gone bad. Michelle Malkin

Keith Raniere was found guilty on Wednesday: Keith Raniere has been found guilty on all counts against him including sex trafficking from Mexico. The jury at Brooklyn Federal Court reached its verdict after brief deliberations Wednesday. Raniere violated young illegal immigrant girls from Mexico and imprisoned them on threat of deportation

He had plenty of experience. His birth certificate, student loan application, college records, passport to Pakistan etc. Criminals always try to cover up their crimes, especially experienced ones. Why isn’t the American press covering this? This must read article is in a Canadian publication. How is it that the National

The disgraced top executive at Disney has been convicted and sentenced to nearly seven years in prison on multiple counts of sexually abusing children.

Fifteen states in total have jumped on the bandwagon to grant their state’s electoral college votes to  the winner of the national popular vote, in an attempt to try and elect a candidate from their own party.  Oregon Governor Kate Brown has now made her state the fifteenth to join

It’s not bad enough that a really small town in Michigan was named “Hell.”  Now, that has all changed after a sodomite YouTuber by the name of Elijah Daniel has purchased the town and renamed it “Gay Hell” in protest against the Trump administration’s recent rejection of US embassies flying