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You know the drug war is a failure when the police state can’t keep their own sheriffs from stealing and abusing drugs like meth.

Zulfi Hoxha is reportedly “a senior commander of Islamic State & one of the faces of the group’s recruitment efforts.” He was also “the son of an Albanian-American pizza shop owner from New Jersey.”

CNN attempted to race bait a Sirius XM radio host by accusing him of being successful because of his white privilege…Only problem is, he’s not white.

Increasing the highest tax bracket to 70 percent garners a surprising amount of support among Republican voters. In the Hill-HarrisX poll, 45 percent of GOP voters say they favor it while 55 percent are opposed to it. Independent voters who were contacted backed the tax idea by a 60 to 40 percent margin while Democratic ones favored it, 71 percent to 29 percent.

“The only objective of the officers was to punish, harass, humiliate, degrade, and inflict physical and psychological pain,” states the lawsuit.

Marino’s working against the DEA could have potentially resulted in tens of thousands of deaths each year — and ultimately cost him the drug czar position.  So what will we hear next regarding Congressman Marino — a congressional investigation averted by a resignation?

“We live in a time in world history where the truth of the Bible about how men can be reconciled with God has been so distorted, that while most have heard some presentation of the facts, they have not heard the true gospel,” he wrote. “The gospel is the work which Jesus accomplished to redeem His people from their sins. He did this by becoming fully man and remaining fully God.”

Mallory is a prime example of someone who attacks and then stands back and plays the victim.  This is what she is doing.  The problem is that America, in large part, knows what Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam stand for and it all no good.