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It is yet to be determined whether the federal investigation will find Democratic ineptitude or deception in this case.

There have been virtually no sunspots in 2018 as solar activity has dropped to alarmingly low levels.  As a result, our atmosphere has been cooling and shrinking, and experts are warning that we are heading for a bitterly, bitterly cold winter.

Perhaps there is an easier way around all of this.  Perhaps from now on, President Trump should ignore Jim Acosta and take anyone and everyone else’s questions in the room but his questions. 

Julian Assange, love him or hate him, was instrumental in exposing the corruption of our own government and their unlawfulness against American citizens.  The fact that American didn’t rein in its tyranny will now show forth in what will happen to Assange.

Just in time for Christmas, there is a new Lego-style toy to help promote the building of what has now become labeled as “Trump’s Wall.”  It’s called, “Build the Wall.”

Ben Wolfgram, who co-owns Hortonville-based BenShot, a local business that produces glassware embedded with bullets, recently decided to give every employee a handgun as a Christmas present.

Meanwhile, Democrat election officials are marking ballots themselves and “finding” boxes of them everywhere to try to get him to victory, and when confronted about that, Gillum says, “Every vote must be counted.”

We will likely never know what happened in 2016 and what evidence Beranton Whisenant may have successfully uncovered. Dead lawyers don’t prosecute.

If the goal is simply to get guns out of their hands, but fail to charge them with a crime, isn’t that telling to anyone reading this?

Congratulations CNN, this is well deserved from one of your own Marxist websites.