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Illustrating his network’s subservience to big pharma, FOX News’ Sean Hannity blatantly cut off a reporter when she mentioned the fact that most mass shootings are linked to psychotropic drugs.

Someone forgot to send the brunette airhead the memo on Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision in 1973 that States jumped on as “law” to allow women to murder their unborn children, meaning Nikolas Cruz’s mother had a choice – an illegal choice at that.

When I was in high school, every one of those rigs in the high school parking lot had a gun in the gun rack. Why? We went huntin’ on the way home. None of those guns ever walked into a school. None of those guns ever shot anybody. What’s the difference? Did the gun change? Or did you, as a society, change?

In addition to this grotesque act of inhumanity (attacking a victim’s family for their political affiliation), the left-enemy is using these gruesome murders to once again try to usurp our Second Amendment rights and disarm law-abiding Americans.

The media is living by the Democrat motto of “never letting a good crisis go to waste.” They see an opening to attack and undermine the 2nd Amendment and they are attempting to do everything in their power to push our politicians into acting against our rights.

Alexa Miednik claims that she was walking alongside Cruz when she heard shots coming from the hallway.

This is somewhat similar to an incident that occurred in March 2015.  At that time, two men dressed as women ignored orders to turn around and accelerated towards a police car. 

The deeply corrupt and compromised FBI is bound as a matter of policy not to study Islam and jihad in connection with terrorism.

Why in the world would anyone think that an organization that thinks these things and has no shame in the promotion of a demonic religion that is anti-American and anti-Christian be ok to partner with America’s school systems to indoctrinate our children?  

Attkisson believes the phrase “media literacy” is actually a new name put out by the same people that promoted “fake news” that is designed to demand who you should believe, mainly people with their agendas, and fool you into thinking that they are neutral in the process.