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An Air Force captain has been arrested for soliciting sex from a 14-year-old as part of a broader six-day effort by authorities to break up underground prostitution. Deputies from Polk County, Fla., stated that Air Force Capt. Dirk Watson, 32, was arrested Saturday evening after heading to Polk County to

Now, we are about to find out whether or not Attorney General Jeff Sessions will uphold the Constitution’s Fourth Amendment against domestic enemies, namely the Central Intelligence Agency.  In a report that came out on Wednesday, the Justice Department may have confirmed the documents released by Wikileaks as “Vault 7” are

Peacemaker National Training Center, a veteran-owned gun range in West Virginia, is being sued by residents of Virginia claiming that the gun range was violating noise ordinances.  The problem is the ordinance specifically exempts gun ranges from such complaints. The Journal News reports: MARTINSBURG — A local gun range near

In an effort to be as fascist as possible, Facebook has employed the likes of Snopes and Politifact to put warnings before their readers as to what might be “fake news.”  It’s really not their job to do that, but now they are even doing it to a website that openly

Last year, rather than making a name for himself lighting up NFL scoreboards, Colin Kaepernick made a name for himself by constantly being the one getting lit up by both fans and commentators alike when he made the asinine decision to boycott standing during the National Anthem before NFL games.

Globalist David Rockefeller died on Monday at the age of 101.  However, while many of us know of his global agenda and his ties to such groups as the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations, some have never heard his own words which he spoke

In September 2016, I reported on former Democrat mayor of Hubbard, Ohio Richard Keenan’s admitted rape of a 4-year-old girl.  On Friday, Keenan changed his plea in court to guilty on 20 counts of sex crimes, including eight counts of rape. We previously reported: Keenan, who served as Hubbard mayor

A new report from the Bipartisan Policy Center urges the Pentagon to register women for the draft. For the Bipartisan Policy Center, the current Selective Service System, among other Pentagon personnel issues, is badly out of date and in desperate need of reform, which requires cooperation from both the Pentagon

Rumors swirling around the media suggest that well known Fox News commentator Judge Andrew Napolitano has been indefinitely removed from the Fox News lineup following a report issued by the Judge last week claiming that President Barack Obama circumvented domestic spying laws by utilizing agents of the British intelligence services

Tennessee has had enough of the continued push that was begun by Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah to force refugees into their state.  Now, the state has filed a lawsuit against the central government which challenges the constitutional of its refugee resettlement program. The Tennessean reports: Tennessee became the first