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By putting a green healthy label on these sites carrying this demonstrable fake news and fabricated news, what does that do to NewsGuard’s transparency and credibility? 

It’s time people woke up and understood exactly what this criminal Muslima and CAIR are all about, and deal with them lawfully before it’s too late.

The real reason the media fell so swiftly for the Smollett hoax – right after falling for the Covington Catholic hoax.

There is always a very high price for intervening militarily in other countries, and the price for invading Venezuela would be very high indeed.

After peacefully refusing to recite the Pledge of Allegiance because he believes it is racist, an 11-year-old boy was arrested and thrown in juvenile detention.

While witnesses confirm Pierce’s account that Phillips pulled a gun on him, surveillance video doesn’t show it as Phillips backed out of view of the camera.

In the end, either of these people will get us to where there is “no money” for anyone but government and the tyrants who will be in charge. Meanwhile, I say let them just eat each other.

All seems well for about 20 seconds, when the man seems to completely lose his marbles when asked to produce identification. He first begins throwing rocks at the officer, then pulls a knife,…

Representative Rodney Garcia from MT HD 52 accuses CPS of kidnapping and calls for a slashing of their budget.

To truly understand what the Left is doing to America is to be endlessly horrified by the depth of corruption and evil.