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A dramatic video has surfaced of police officers assaulting and arresting two teenage girls who appeared to be doing nothing other than filming them.

The mainstream media will largely be silent over Fitton’s testimony, but we won’t.

Stay vigilant America.  The ride is not over simply because you have a guy with an “R” on his jersey in the White House.

After being arrested in Yerevan, Oksuz has appeared under investigation of Armenian law enforcement agencies in suspicion of tax evasion and later extradited to the US.

Where did these Farrakhan loving feminists come from? A man connected them.

Principal Jennifer Sinclair attempted to purge Manchester Elementary School of any symbol or mention of Christmas, including singing Christmas carols, using items that have red/green colors, and candy canes (which were perceived as problematic because the shape is a ‘J’ for Jesus).

With a rapidly weakening economy, a stock market plunge, higher taxes, and higher interest rates all hitting Americans at once, will they finally say “enough is enough?”

Since the app’s launch in the Google app store, it has been flooded with one star reviews and criticisms by anti-Sharia and human rights advocates.

It’s reported that more Clinton Foundation whistleblowers have come forward with hundreds of pages of evidence of the corruption.  Perhaps, it’s time to recall the words of former Central Intelligence Agency agent Kevin Shipp when he said that Hillary is “involved in the biggest treason in history.”

Only four judges were needed to hear the case.  As far as I’m concerned, Justice Kavanaugh demonstrated that he is not a constitutional conservative judge.  He was chosen to stimy rulings with regard to the law.  He is a compromised judge.   He and the others opposed to this case should be immediately impeached.