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Tariq Ramadan is extremely lucky. If he is judged according to Islamic law, he will almost certainly be found innocent. In Islam, the testimony of a female in court is worth half that of a man (Quran 2:282). If Ramadan is found guilty, he should thank France for having a secular democratic justice system. Otherwise, under Sharia, he would be stoned to death for adultery, as done in Somalia.

The store, Jaguar Power Sports, flies flags from each of the military branches, plus a pair of American flags and a Jacksonville Jaguars flag. According to city ordinances, the military flags were against code, which is what led city inspector Melinda Powers into their store on Monday.

The social media giant that has come under scrutiny for its Nazi-like censorship of conservative voices on its platform with its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, claiming he had no knowledge of it, is facing a class action lawsuit that alleges they stole biometric data without users’ consent, which a US judge just ruled can go forward.

A road raging cop, who was caught on video holding an innocent man at gunpoint and illegally searching him will not be fired and, instead, will simply receive a five day vacation.

This is Texas for goodness sakes!  Who in the world is scared of letters on a shirt?

Despite facing verbal abuse hurled at them by teachers from their own school, three young men soldiered on and successfully pulled off a very inspiring event.

What exactly are they accomplishing here? Nothing, except destroying an inventory that would make them money and money for their stockholders.

This kind of article frequently appears in establishment media outlets. Why are they all so intent upon dissembling to us about Islamic jihad and related issues?

And this is the same administration, remember, the media like to paint as completely scandal-free.

The initial Office of the Inspector General (OIG) report on former FBI assistant director Andrew McCabe is so shocking that when it was first leaked to the higher echelons of our government, it forced current FBI Director Christopher Wray to immediately relieve McCabe of duty and it eventually led to McCabe’s firing without his government golden parachute.