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A 13-year-old Albuquerque boy was arrested, taken to jail and strip searched after he was doing nothing more than being a burping class clown. Now, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals is justifying the tyrannical police and school officials were justified in how they handled the incident. It seem the

When it was first announced the administration intended to resettle 10,000 refugees, this was alarming. People began to ask, how is it possible that these people could be properly vetted? How would it be possible to ensure that we were not allowing in terrorists? Now, we have hit the 8,500

Hypocrisy in action… and everyone wonders why terrorism is spreading so rapidly. Once again, there is confirmation that the arms of ISIS/al-Nusra come from Western sponsors. Tsk, tsk. We have created our own monsters, and then dared to demand new powers to take them out. As a video from

The Daily Caller News Foundation recently conducted a very interesting interview with former CIA Director Michael Hayden. Hayden has been vilified on the right for saying he believes that Hillary Clinton is the safer choice in this presidential election, something he chooses to clarify during this interview. (He still thinks

While the enemedia goes after Trump with a vengeance unseen since Der Stürmer went after the Jews, Hillary Clinton’s war crimes and treason rage on unremarked by the mainstream echo chamber. In a shocking bombshell, it was revealed today that Hillary Clinton recklessly discussed, in emails hosted on her private

Obama has been owned and outed by Iran. The hostages have already described the the events on the ground. They sat on a plane not for mere hours, but overnight, waiting for a second plane filled with cold hard cash – like a mafia deal from the thug-in-chief. The enemedia

There was once a principle in place in our country. This principle was one of the things that helped us become an economic and political giant in the world. It was the principle we find in the Bible. Those who do well with small things should be given bigger things

The liberal fascists in Charlotte, North Carolina might have been stopped from forcing unisex bathrooms on private businesses, but that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped fighting. The activists have shifted their focus from private businesses towards the local public school system and pushed the school board in Charlotte-Mecklenburg County to enact

Activist and Bernie Sanders supporter Shawn Lucas is the latest person to line up alongside others in the Clinton body count. He is the fifth person who has been a threat to the Clintons to die in the past six weeks. Lucas, along with filmmaker Ricardo Villaba recently served papers

The mayor of Fairfax City, Virginia has been arrested for trading methamphetamine for sex. The Washington Times reports: Richard “Scott” Silverthorne, 50, was arrested Thursday at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Tysons Corner after police received a tip about a meth distributor last month, Fairfax County Police said Friday morning.