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Score another one for the Second Amendment. Sometimes our men in blue need a little help.

I honestly wonder who in their right minds think Kathy Griffin is funny?  I’ve heard plenty of her stuff and never once laughed.  The same is true for Samantha Bee.  Yet, they continue to have support from some in our society.

It seems already to be taken for granted by large segments of the American population that Muslims are going to demand special privileges and accommodations, and that the proper response is to grant them those privileges and accommodations.

A guard who chose to save himself during the Parkland shooting had been caught harassing female students, and never should have been allowed at the school.

Why cover this up? Because apparently Lewiston officials, as well as the local media there, are intent upon covering up migrant crime, so that the non-Muslim natives will remain ignorant and complacent regarding the Muslim migrant influx.

Which Obama Foundation is setting this in motion?  The one that is tied to terrorism? 

The mainstream media is now admitting that the Walmart stores they claimed closed over “plumbing problems” have since been converted into detention centers.