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Because the Mesa police chief said cops shouldn’t beat up innocent people, nearly the entire department voted to remove him.

At least one of two former GOP senators who were found shot to death in their own homes within 2 days of each other this week had been working against human trafficking.  Both homicides appear to be murders from all reports.  Former Arkansas State Senator Linda Collins-Smith was found shot

In the wake of two former GOP senators being murdered this week within days of each other, one who worked against human trafficking in Arkansas and one in Oklahoma, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s brother, Tony Rodham died on Friday evening.  His cause of death is unknown. On Saturday,

An honorably discharged Army veteran went to jail over traffic tickets and two days later was dead with his brain, heart, and throat missing from his body.

On Friday, I reported on two New York Police Department officers who were found with self-inflicted gunshot wounds this week within 24 hours of each other.  Both died.  Now, in a bizarre coincidence, two former Republican state senators have been found shot to death in their homes within two days

As we’ve reported before, the Trump administration talks tough on illegal immigration, but what is actually going on rivals the impotence and downright criminal actions against the people that the administration under the usurper Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah did in releasing illegal aliens, some of them convicted felons, into

I have been covering the story of Deanna Williams, a Florida woman who was raped in 2009 and subsequently sued by attorneys she had hired that were to be paid by the attorney who settled the case, Gloria Allred.  Allred settled the case but failed to pay the attorneys, which

Editor’s Note: The attorneys actually argued for 2 weeks a year and still allow him to serve in the community!  The audacity! Noor’s lawyers said he was reacting to a loud noise, and feared an ambush. They argued for a very light sentence, claiming that being sent to prison would not

Somewhere between Sadiq Khan’s Trump-blow-up-doll and the video you are about to see lies the truth. Sometimes we get Right Wing Fake News to go along with the more prevalent Left Wing delusion. Often we must find our own truth somewhere in the middle. This is one of those times.

The story of Christian and political prisoner Schaeffer Cox is one that every American needs to hear and it is one that sounds like it could never happen on US soil, but that would be in a time long ago in our country.  Today, the corruption of government, the political