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And while he is in prison, even if it is for the rest of his life, what will be done to disabuse him of that terrorist ideology? Nothing. In fact, U.S. prison officials will do everything they can to reinforce it.

While the mainstream media continues to talk about the Russia collusion (with Trump) story without any evidence of actual collusion, they are completely ignoring the scandal that happens to have mountains of evidence.

Cutting off oil, crashing economies, weakening finance, creating a lack of food import—all that those sanctions truly do is bruise and harm the people in that country who have no real control over whether there is a war or not.

If you weren’t already not getting feeds from your friends and pages that you liked, but rather pages that paid Facebook to show you what you weren’t interested in in the first place, it’s only going to get worse. However, here’s a temporary fix.

Dozens of poor and disabled veterans could soon be homeless thanks to a city’s red tape war declaring their homes unfit because they don’t have the proper paperwork.

As if rational-minded humans needed any other evidence that the “Russian collusion” narrative was fabricated, a disturbing email from Susan Rice has surfaced, adding fuel to that fire.

The Washington Post is trying to condition the public into thinking that someone who used to work for Hamas-linked CAIR and served time in prison for jihad plotting is a perfectly reasonable fellow, while the real “extremists” are the foes of jihad terror.

After a heroic cop did the right thing and chose not to kill a suicidal father, he was fired for preserving life. Now the taxpayers are being held responsible for the murderous wishes of the department.

The autopsy, which included toxicology tests and a brain examination, found that Paddock had anti-anxiety medication in his system.

The left is evil and dangerous. They are the very thing they accuse the right of being.