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Alamo Tactical in San Antonio, Texas posted an advisory sign at its store and an internet posted captured a picture of it. The rest is history as they say. The humorous sign, which posted a warning about unholstering loaded weapons in the store immediately went viral. The purpose of the

More bad news for Hillary Clinton came out on Friday when the AP reported that the Obama administration had discovered a chain of work related emails between Hillary Clinton and David Petraeus that she had not turned over previously. Clinton had told Congress (and the nation) that she had turned over ALL

A pharmacist who was fired from a VA medical facility earlier this year for exposing horrendous patient safety problems has now been barred from entering the premises altogether. Andrew Carmichael was publicly escorted out of the Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center by three police officers on Feb. 3, despite

Editor’s Note: This patch looks more like something you would award an Islamic army rather than an American one. U.S. Army troops who take part in the campaign against the Islamic State will now receive an official patch for their effort. The patch comes at a time when 3,000 U.S. troops are

Attorneys for The Rutherford Institute are rebutting an attempt by a Virginia police officer to dismiss a lawsuit filed on behalf of a man who was arrested as he was engaged in a First Amendment protest against President Obama while lawfully carrying a rifle. Rutherford Institute attorneys are also challenging

Without any regret whatsoever, I confess that I did not watch the Pope’s address to Congress. There is a good reason for it. During talking head newscasts and clips of Congressional workings replayed on the TV and internet, I end up talking, more like shouting, at the idiots on the

There can be no doubt that Barack Hussein Obama is complicit in the genocide of Middle East Christians that is ongoing under the Islamic State. While he is flooding the united States with unvetted Muslim invaders to the tune of hundreds of thousands, Obama is denying visas in the united

We did it! We the people. President Obama pushed for it, then-Mayor of NYC Michael Bloomberg supported it, the media actively campaigned for it — the elites in their increasingly fragile ivory towers stumped for the mosque. But the people stood up and fought it and won. Hey Obama, YES.

I must say that I am appalled that American Christians, and for that matter any parents, drop off their children at the public indoctrination centers call public schools. In fact, I’m amazed that Christian husbands want their wives to work in the belly of the beast to indoctrinate children and

While the US Congress welcomed the socialist Pope Francis to speak before them, the Obama administration was quietly betraying the American people (again) and acting treasonously against the US Constitution. Mad World News reports: The Pope has been rubbing elbows with American leaders, schmoozing with Washington’s elite, and espousing traditionally liberal