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The issue of pedophilia is once again making its way into the mainstream. Researchers are now claiming that it is normal for men to feel a sexual attraction to young, pre-pubescent children. As the homosexual rights movement continues to gain ground, we hear more and more about the normalization of

Was the U.S. government trying to send a message to someone on Saturday night? Just after sunset, an unarmed Trident II nuclear missile was fired from a ballistic missile submarine just off the coast of southern California that was later identified as the USS Kentucky. It was the absolutely perfect

It seems that several counties in Tennessee are standing fast to uphold Biblical marriage against the Supreme Court’s illegal ruling to redefine it to include sodomites. The illegal and unconstitutional ruling of the Nazi-like supreme court regarding marriage this past summer was not only illegal, but a complete infringement upon

It is strange how people repeatedly miss the truth. Just as life proves over and over that God’s Word is not wrong, we see that the people who have murder in their heart care little for what instrument they use to commit murder. If you are planning to kill people,

We have all met that person. They have many opinions about what is wrong in the world. This is morally wrong. This is causing others to hate us, so we should stop. The problem with this kind of person is that they usually have no solutions. They have the knack

In the latest ad in their campaign to stop President Obama and his liberal fascist gun-grabbing thugs from destroying the 2nd Amendment, the NRA is going for the throat and explaining to these illogical liberals that the best way to stop violent crime is not by taking our rights. Really,

A border patrol agent in Texas, named Omar Lucio, alongside several Mexican Gulf Cartel members, beheaded a man. While he was a border patrol agent, who was suppose to protect the border, he was helping the criminals, and participating in, their narcotic and violent crimes. According to one report: A

Have you had the feeling that your elected representatives were not representing you? Of course, you have. We have all felt that way and not just when we were represented by those against whom we voted. But, if you could, would you remove them? Most of us would not resort

For the cost of resettling one Middle Eastern refugee in the United States for five years, the U.S. could pay to support the resettlement of 12 refugees in the Middle East, a new report based on federal data shows. Relocating a Middle Eastern refugee to the United States and providing

Every prepper knows about the possibility – even eventuality – of an EMP attack, and most have taken some basic precautions. Washington and the powers that be know about the threat of an EMP, too, of course, which could come from a powerful solar flare or more dramatically from a