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John Lott has taken upon himself the mantle of defender of the 2nd Amendment and over the years he has suffered the many slings and arrows of the left. However, none of this has stopped him. He continues to move forward, defending gun rights using logic, facts and hard scientific

Obama’s unconstitutional Department of Education has now put forth a call to schools across America and are pushing for them to acquire as many illegal aliens as possible and declare them to be students. What’s even more unlawful than indoctrinating illegal aliens at taxpayer expense? The DOE is claiming that

I have seen my share of “good ole’ boy” backscratching.  It is frowned upon by most people.  It has this air of giving someone something that they have not earned or allowing them to get away with something that they should not have done.  And, it is something that has

A grand total of 25 members from Puerto Rico’s National Guard and Reserve US Army have been charged by authorities for wire fraud and identity theft. The scam? The 25 worked together to defraud a recruiting program which offered bonuses for successful recruiters, who referred new candidates, The Associated Press

Most of us, when we think of attorneys, we don’t like them very much, until we need one. Even then, we may be skeptical of them. However, when you have an attorney who gets a little rowdy and his ad challenges big government and their infringements upon the rights of

A few months ago, we saw a nationwide controversy over the Confederate Battle Flag with liberal ignorant individuals claiming the flag was symbolic of racism and slavery. The “ignorant” complaints and demonstrations resulted in some southern states removing the flag from flagpoles. Yet, that wasn’t enough. These same “ignorant” individuals

As we grew up, we found that it was only when others pointed it out that there were any differences with people.  Some of us might have more pigment than others, others might have a different texture of hair.  But all in all, we all had the same likes and

UCLA professor Adam Winkler recently wrote a gloating article for the Washington Post, wherein he celebrated the fact that the demographic trends of America are working against gun rights. He makes a pretty strong argument too, since pretty much every minority ethnic group in this country seems to support stricter

On October 9, tech geek online magazine CNET published a piece entitled “DARPA seeks to treat bodies with light, electricity, sound and magnets,” which details how the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is seeking to “heal by treating the body like the electrical system it is.” DARPA is a unit within

The Internet is now ablaze with analyses of a creepy video that was revealed to have cryptic messages – including “images” encoded in layered audio tracks – some of which allegedly make death threats against President Obama. It is not known if this bizarre video is an elaborate hoax or