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A Pennsylvania school has apologised after quotes from Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and the Islamic State group’s leader were printed in its yearbook.

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton acknowledging that America created and funded Al Qaeda as a terrorist organization in the heyday of the Soviet-Afghan war

The valedictorian of a high school in Ohio led his class in a recitation of the Lord’s Prayer during their graduation ceremony this past weekend after a musical version of the prayer that has traditionally been a part of the commencement for years was removed due to an atheist complaint.

We have gotten to a point where a large portion of our young adults are completely rejecting traditional values regarding marriage and family, and they are seeking out other paths that they hope will lead them to the fulfillment that they crave.

Leo Soell, a fifth-grade teacher, survived breast cancer and now identifies as “transmasculine” and “genderqueer” settled with the school district for $60,000 because her colleagues wouldn’t call her “they.”

Moving into the basement or prolonging a stay in a childhood bedroom filled with outgrown toys and posters used to be a last resort for struggling 20-somethings, but now it is officially the most common situation for millennials and even those in the their early 30s.

Millions upon millions of our young people have fully embraced the radical left, and they have already made it exceedingly clear that they are not afraid to use violence to advance their cause.

Liberals can’t decide on which end of an issue they want to be.  It’s a travesty and miscarriage of justice when a black individual is shot and killed, justifiably, by a police officer.  Yet, black on black murder rates are higher than other race murders.  They rallied after Newtown, Sandy

According to the Constitution of the united States of America, the legislative powers are invested in Congress – the House of Representatives and the Senate.  One of the enumerated powers of Congress is to establish uniform rules of immigration and naturalization.  So, how can abiding by and enforcing duly legislated,