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It appears that there may be a reason as to why the attack on Americans in Benghazi on September 11, 2012 was allowed to take place and why there was a stand down order given. It’s now coming to light that then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton violated a United

Who is the liar? Who is the depraved traitor? Whom do you believe? The pathological liar or the mother of a dead soldier? “Clinton On Benghazi Mother: She May Not Fully Recall What I Told Them About The Video,” NTK Network, July 31, 2016: Article reposted with permission from

One of the greatest concern for conservatives in the upcoming election is that of voter fraud. And to alleviate that fear, many states have crafted and passed voter ID laws. These laws, in their various forms, require a photo identification for a person to be able to vote. This would

Earlier today we ran a story that showed that leaders at the IRS knew about the unjust persecution of conservatives by their agency a full two years before word leaked to Congress. Today, the story grows even more disturbing because while we already knew that the IRS was being led

Another short segment of the Clinton Cash movie based on the book of the same name, reveals how the Clinton Foundation made $150 million selling 20 percent of America’s uranium to Russia. But that’s not even the half of it. Peter Schweitzer explains how the Clintons manipulated several governments to

Officials have said that at least four people in Florida have contracted the Zika virus and warn that the virus now appears to be spreading domestically either through contact with mosquitoes or direct human-to-human transmission. Until recently, the virus only appeared in individuals infected outside of the United States, primarily

What began as a political discussion between friends at a bar in Cleveland, ended up with a Vietnam Veteran shot and the perpetrator fleeing the scene. On Monday evening, 60-year-old Paul Jones, Jr., a US Air Force veteran, was engaged in a political discussion with his friend at a local

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that a law which made it illegal for police officers to engage in sex with minors on the basis of their profession was unconstitutional. The Associated Press reports: The court ruled 4-3 that the law arbitrarily added police to a ban on professionals

Attention on the poop deck. It seems our “first gay president” intends to “milk,” with pride, his fetish for all things “LGBT” in the closing months (mercifully) of his catastrophic presidency. USNI News (U.S. Naval Institute) reports that the Obama Navy presumes to ram, without consent, the most reprehensible aspects

Just days before the Democrats held their National Convention to official name Hillary Clinton the party’s nominee, Julian Assange and Wikileaks released 20,000 hacked DNC emails that revealed the “fix” was in from the beginning, and Bernie Sanders never had a chance. The emails proved to be so damning, that party