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This event still has provocateur footprints all over it… It took the grand jury in McLennan County, Texas, nine hours to hand down charges against 106 bikers arrested after nine people were killed in a shootout at a Twin Peaks in Waco last May. The odd thing is, none of

“We are under tremendous attacks…” stated President Dwight Eisenhower, NOVEMBER 9, 1954. He added: “We are attacked by the Communists who in their own documents state that capitalism – democracy – carries within itself the seeds of its own destruction…” Eisenhower continued his address to the National Conference on the

Attorneys for The Rutherford Institute have asked a federal court to reject an attempt by the City of Hampton and three of its police officers to have a First Amendment lawsuit against them dismissed. Rutherford Institute attorneys sued government officials after police officers cited, convicted and arrested two street preachers

Following Friday evenings attacks in Paris, Barack Hussein Obama stepped in front of the mic to once again cover for Islam. “I don’t want to speculate at this point in terms of who was responsible for this.” Well, why not Hussein? Several witnesses said they heard some of the men

Be forewarned the below video may be the most embarrassing 10 minutes in television history. On Thursday a free college advocate by the name of Keely Mullen made a painful appearance on the Fox Business Network to discuss her ideas (and the ideas of her movement – the Million Student

It looks like Hussein Obama is relentless in his attempts to be a lawless man and attack the rights of American citizens when it comes to guns. This time it is related to the sale of private guns. Following the shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, Obama wanted to illegally

Part I of this two part series addressed Marcelino Jose’s presentation of the “Undocumented Americans’ Bill of Rights.” In this part, each of the “demands” made in by the group “United We Stand” will be addressed. In the preamble, Jose writes, “We, the Undocumented Americans, submit our Bill of Rights

For someone that is supposedly so “brilliant,” Stephen Hawking really doesn’t have a clue.  In a recent interview with Spain’s El Mundo, Hawking publicly declared that God doesn’t exist, that he is an atheist, and that science provides a better explanation of where the universe came from than the Bible

When the death of Idaho rancher Jack Yantis was first reported, the details surrounding his case were sparse. According to the police, one of his bulls had escaped his property before getting hit by a station wagon on Highway 95. The irate bull was charging at emergency responders and police

Three former Transportation Security Administration agents were formally indicted on charges of using their positions to defraud the government and smuggle cocaine. Earlier this week, 35-year-old Joseph Scott, 32-year-old Michael Castaneda, and 27-year-old Jessica Scott, all former TSA agents at San Francisco International Airport, were indicted for aiding an operation that