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An immense plume of runaway natural gas — invisible to the naked eye — is billowing out of the ground at Aliso Canyon at an insane rate and has been for two months months now. Some 150 million pounds of methane has now poured into the atmosphere in just a

Once again, we have some wishing to interfere in affairs that have little or nothing to do with them personally. If Christians were to gather in a group and raise money to fight atheists, they would cry foul. This would be seen as discrimination. But, if you are in the

Terrorists play the “victim card.” A Muslim British family Disneyland bound was stopped before they got on the plane. The Muslim father claims, “We were barred from plane due to religion.” He blamed Donald Trump‘s “Muslim ban,” as if that were in place. The media exploded. CNN took the story

The National Basketball Association has now fallen in lockstep with Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun group Everytown for Gun Safety. New public service announcements were aired on Christmas Day that called for an end to gun violence. According to the New York Times: Players who appear in the first 30-second ad, which

Many times when a fire at a Mosque starts, the Muslims are quick to blame non-Muslims and “Islamophobia” for it. The speed which the members of the mosque are saying it was just and “accident” leads me to believe that it really was an accident- from one of the Muslims.

This Christmas, GOP Rep. Dana Rohrabacher is promoting a bill he introduced in November granting priority refugee status to Christians and Yazidis– two minorities targeted for genocide by the Islamic State. Rohrabacher, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia, and Emerging Threats, told The Daily Caller News Foundation in a

If, like many Americans, you decorated your home with Christmas lights and put lights on your Christmas tree, the idiots at the Huffington Post claim you are exceeding the total amount of energy just for these lights than the energy use of entire countries with poor economies. Citing the information

The United States has reached a critical time in its existence as a nation. Our founding fathers recognized the self-evident truths whereby these men declared independence from a monarch in order to found a nation where government protected individual God-given unalienable rights. Nowhere in the Constitution is one right more

It seems that saying what appears to be obvious is no longer tolerated in the “tolerant” States of America these days. One mayor found that out the hard way after labeling Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah as Muslim. Superior, Wisconsin Mayor Bruce Hagen made a comment on Facebook regarding a

Chalk this up to another thwarted jihad attack the media ignores, but it’s here and it’s daily in America now. Photo: Jihad Mufaddi Khalaf Haddadin, 52, was arrested for making a bomb threat against cops in El Monte, California. “Man named Jihad arrested for threatening ‘jihad’ on California police and