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What happens when the law makers themselves become law breakers? Or what happens when those who are charged with enforcing the law also become law breakers themselves? In a police incident in our State’s Capital this past Christmas, a man was arrested by the police and $1500 cash was taken

Americans are very worried about the possibility of war and the media isn’t giving them much reason to feel optimistic. With all of the media coverage attacking our President and the constant drumbeat of “responding” to Russia’s attacks on our recent election, the nation has become quite worried about the

As the world appears to be getting closer to the brink of widespread economic collapse and war, it seems we may all have something even more serious to consider: cataclysmic events. Based on a flurry of reports, we know the Yellowstone Super Caldera has been quite active in recent weeks,

“Never take counsel from your fears.”-Stonewall Jackson On a daily basis, Americans are being inundated with oppression through a corrupt system of not only the media, but also corrupt politicians as well. 80 house members have been reported as communists. Through it all, we see such unlawful and unconstitutional organizations

Wolbachia virus is harmless to humans, male mosquitos don’t bite, and whether Fresno residents like it or not, they’ll be subject to the release of a million of these franken-mosquitoes per week for the next 20 weeks. The project, which has already rather quietly begun, is turning the area into

“There is a God. Our rights come from Him. The purpose of civil government is to protect and secure God given rights. This is the American View of Law and Government.  It is also the Christian View.  It is set forth very concisely and precisely in our Declaration of Independence.

On Monday, the Trump administration celebrated the First Annual Made in America Product Showcase by hosting companies from all across America at the White House.  President Trump delivered a rousing speech in which he encouraged his “America First” vision that he promoted during the campaign. The showcase was held on the

So here’s a suggestion for The Washington Post: Don’t worry about how many guns are in our videos. Worry about how many facts are in your articles. Because if gun owners abused our Second Amendment the way you abuse your paper and the First Amendment, our rights would have been taken away

Why did Mayor Betsy Hodges laud Mohamed Noor? Because he was Muslim and because he was from Somalia. Why did the Washington Post report on this non-event? Because he was Muslim and because he was from Somalia. This is the very definition of Islamic supremacism in practice and in action. In his

So, the Brits have outed Senator John “Songbird” McCain as the agent of the “Deep State” who provided the “dirty dossier” on Trump. A former British intelligence agent informed The Guardian that is was McCain who obtained the dossier and turned them over to the FBI. “I first heard about