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David Hogg, as ignorant and dishonest as he is, is being followed by tens of thousands of young impressionable minds.  This is why he must be addressed, countered with the law, Scripture and the Constitution and mocked for his ignorance and stupidity because though he rants against his parents and older people, he’s really a fool.

In six months, I predict we’ll be right back in this same scenario with government shutdown boogeymen abounding and President Trump will once again cave.

At this point, the GOP controls the House, the Senate, and the White House… and sadly, they continue the same terrible trends of the

A lawmaker in DC was recorded on video claiming that the Rothschild family controls not only the World Bank but also the federal government. This quickly painted a target on his back.

After a priest was arrested last month on allegations of child sexual assault, police have raided multiple Catholic church properties as they investigate the flood of accusations against multiple clergymen.

They didn’t release any videos that showed the shooter, just the ones that focused on what Deputy Scott Peterson did as chaos unfolded.

Miller informed those in attendance that the Giffords Foundation failed to secure the proper permits for the march, thus making it illegal and provided students with anti-Second Amendment talking points when addressing the media.

Gun control is about the consolidation of dangerous weapons in the hands of the most dangerous organization in all of human history: Government.

High-level government officials and national security officers are reported flocking to “doomsday camps” around the country citing “inevitable” events as the impetus behind the move.