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Shipp says that what Hillary Clinton did with her charity and Uranium One while she was Secretary of State was a crime for the history books.  Shipp explains, “Hillary Clinton used this to launder money in foreign banks so it wasn’t subject to U.S. laws, congressional subpoenas, or FOIA demands for the evidence.  This was done to launder this money globally into the Clinton Foundation so the U.S. government could not examine it at all.”

These women were caught red-handed trying to cross into this country and use their babies as anchors. And the problem’s been ongoing for some time.

The irony that men from two different political parties who supported what could arguably be the most corrupt usurper of the White House, are on the same page while ignoring the treason of said usurper is absolutely hypocritical.

The Texas congressman said that the FBI knew exactly who intercepted the emails and it was not the Russians.

President Trump is far more popular than the media gives him credit for.

Hillary doesn’t need to be running in a presidential race.  She needs to be making a perp walk.

“CNN is fake news. I don’t take questions from CNN. Let’s go to a real network,” said President Trump to CNN’s Jim Acosta.

“The kind of racial divisiveness is something that is helping destroy America as we know it,” said Bishop Aubrey Shines. “This kind of intolerance is something we will not tolerate.”

The bottom line is that Tomi is a self-defined conservative and constitutionalist, but on the supreme issue of the right to life, above which all others don’t exist without it, she is neither.