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Flood victims attempting to help each other out were harassed and issued $500 fines for being good Samaritans because police claim a monopoly on helping people.

Not only were the parents reported by Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital to authorities, but the government forced them to reluctantly submit their little boy to chemotherapy and later would strip them of their parental rights and custody of their son.  However, surprise!  The media failed to report the entire story and made the parents out to look like criminals.

In the district that terror-tied Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) represents in Minnesota, dispatch audio from the Minneapolis Police Department confirms that a report of “a group of 8-10 males chasing people with hammers” and metal pipes was called in on Friday evening.

Barack Obama belittling his own wife for using a ghostwriter is Bush League. The truth is that her ghostwriter is better than his own.

It is for the American people to be the force of law unto judgment (Isaiah 26:9, 51:4) starting with corrupt politicians.  That is only found with those who truly love God, the people and this country enough to do so (Matthew 22:34-40).

What of the horrifying acts occurring to the innocent unborn Americans, Ms. Omar?  Will you not raise your voice against those being beheaded, dismembered, burned alive… oh wait, that is how Islam does things.

No one wants a Muslim in the White House any more than they want one in Congress.  Islam is antithetical to American government.

Mr. Cohen, understand that while the purpose of Government is not to make a man a Christian, it is to penalize by statute and justice those who seek to inflict violence upon the liberties God has given to mankind.