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One of the most frequent commands of Scripture is the command, “Fear not.” By my count, it occurs 190 times. Fear of anything but the Fear of God is disobedience to God. It is instructive to see how the enemy of our souls cultivates fear in our hearts. For example,

A devious process known as “parallel reconstruction” lurks behind many cases being brought to trial in America these days. It’s actually a mass surveillance tool for the government and it violates the rights of every single person in the United States. “Parallel reconstruction” is when law enforcement uses secret surveillance techniques

In this video exchange, and informed and courageous Canadian asks Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a great question: he says that he worked security at my event recently, and that security precautions were very high, whereas by contrast at this event with Prime Minister could have brought in anything. In light

There has been a lot of talk about book releases recently.  There is, of course, Hilary Clinton’s new book, which we will discuss in the coming weeks because it is being powerfully overshadowed by a recent release of Michael Wolff’s book, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House”. Though

When the housing bubble popped in 2007, the Federal Reserve went to work to re-inflate the bubble by printing more money – quantitative easing. But the policy has made matters much worse, as now everything is a bubble, and according to Ron Paul, when it bursts, only the elite will come out

For the past few weeks, the people under the tyrannical Islamic-Sharia law steeped regime of Iran have protested the extreme nature of their government.  Women discarded their symbol of oppression, the hijab, in defiance of the law. Because of the nature and number of protestors, many have been arrested by

Honestly, some of the rhetoric we continue to hear coming out of some people’s mouths when it comes to addressing the president, no matter who it is, causes me to wonder if anyone learned the Fifth Commandment and the principles implied in “Honor your father and your mother that your

February 28 of this year will mark 25 years since the 51-day standoff and deadly siege on David Koresh and the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas.  While ABC News has put together a new documentary with new details and survivor revelations, it still seems that they are somehow providing

As many New Yorkers’ pistol permits will expire at the end of the month and criminalize what are commonly law-abiding citizens because they have not been renewed and the bureaucratic process is taking too long, two Republican assemblymen have called for an extension of one year from the end of

The Grooming of Oprah Winfrey:  Setting the Stage “Just because you’re not using N word, harboring Ill will toward black doesn’t mean you’re not racist.” –Oprah Winfrey If you remember right, it was one month ago that I had stated on my radio program, “You can mark my words.  They