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Look at how this savage dissembles and attacks those who challenge her on her hatred. Look how stumped she is! That was everything — she is NEVER challenged. Finally, she realized the best defense is to go on offense. The norming of such evil must be protested.  Join us here

Update 1: Britain is now on its second highest alert level, meaning that an “attack by militants is considered highly likely.” (Reuters) *** Multiple explosions have rocked an Ariana Grande concert in Britain this evening with eyewitnesses reporting that the blasts were “massive”: ‘There was a bang in the left

Political prisoner and reporter Pete Santilli recorded audio in which he gave an update on what has been taking place in Nevada behind the scenes of the Bundy Ranch trials.  He expressed disappointment that the people have not heard the truth in the trials and that his rights and the

I have always thought there should be another currency besides the dollar, which has become nothing more than fiat money.  Gold and silver are historically stable money that holds their value (when they are not being manipulated).  However, since Bitcoin came on the scene, it has not only been volatile,

Ever since Trump looked like he had a real chance of winning the presidency, the Russians have been scapegoated more often than during the Cold War. The mainstream media has continually pushed the narrative of the ‘evil Russians’ who are conspiring to install some sort of Manchurian candidate in the

President Donald Trump addressed leaders from more than 50 Muslim countries in a speech on Sunday, in which he laid out his vision for relations with Muslim countries and the US. Some of the speech was good and some was questionable, especially the announcement of the latest $110 billion arms deal,

The entire media has been up in storm about the alleged intelligence leak by President Trump to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in a meeting in the Oval Office. The Washington Post, was the outlet that first broke the story, but closer examination reveals some disturbing details. For example, the

This week, a bombshell was dropped concerning murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich who was gunned down in what is said to be an attempted robbery in Washington, DC last July, and that bombshell would lead anyone to believe he was the source of the leaked emails that Wikileaks published last

With all of the allegations about Russia influencing the elections to favor Trump with virtually no evidence of those allegations, former adviser to President Bill Clinton, Dick Morris, reminds us of the Democrats’ hypocrisy of silence when the Chinese tried to aid Clinton in being elected in 1996. “The hypocrisy

Former FBI Director James Comey has come under a lot of fire before and after his termination by President Donald Trump because the man is either incompetent or corrupt, or possibly both.  However, concerning new allegations that he received a memo from Trump asking him to shut down an investigation