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In the event Roger Stone suddenly drops dead, Hillary is to blame, the Trump confidant stated Thursday.

Reporter and political prisoner Pete Santilli of The Pete Santilli Show dropped a bombshell from jail earlier this week. He claims that the information below, once it comes out in the open in court, will have the US government in a panic.

If you doubt that masses of human beings are being ritually sacrificed as we speak on the altar of Mesoamerican gods, then watch this just released documentary.

Every summer, Hollywood seems to release another batch of disaster and hero films full of action and end of the world scenarios. But this film hits much closer to home.

Article first appeared at The Free Thought Project. In what could only be described as a desperate smear campaign evidencing the last vestiges of propaganda from the failed war on drugs, corporate media warped the findings of a study about cannabis-related car crashes to the point of being unrecognizable. On

Trump just ended Hillary Clinton! In a video post to Instagram, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump exposed Democratic presidential front runner Hillary Clinton over her handling of Benghazi.

Why is it that the Brian Cornell, the CEO for Target, is not being held accountable for the said crimes that have taken place in Target stores across the country with his companies policies?

We are not leaving our Christianity. We are not leaving our Christ. We are not leaving our faith. And we have the honor that we are the children of the martyrs. We have the honor that everything that is happening to us is because we are Christians.

From robots to artificial intelligence and software to read your mind, the Pentagon and its Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) have ways of reducing the population to little more than automatons and prisoners in a high-tech worldwide control grid.

President Obama’s divisive presidency has wreaked havoc upon our nation, and if he truly cared about our problems he would have handled his entire presidency much differently.