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So, for all you people out there who think that those of us who point out that there is a Shadow Government in place in the united States are “conspiracy theorists,” here’s a bit of conspiracy fact. Now, among the 56 pages of the FBI’s own documentation while investigating Hillary

We have all known for some time that liberals and Hillary Clinton supporters have been the ones responsible for inciting violence at Donald Trump rallies across the nation. There is no longer denying it as the truth has been exposed for all to see. In the following video, we see Clinton campaign

A new blockbuster report is sure to shock the nation as the latest email leaks have combined with original reporting from Project Veritas to show how the Democrat Party uses undercover instigators to incite violence at GOP gatherings. In online forums many conservatives have long speculated that the Democrat Party

Wikileaks emails continue to show some very ugly sides of campaigning. Among those who look bad: much of the media who appear to be colluding with the campaigns. Today, we look at whether or not a CNN contributor, who is now the head of the Democratic National Committee, secretly forwarded a town hall question

With a certain degree of shame, I’ll admit that in recent years my faith is not something I’ve actively engaged in practicing very much, either through my attendance at weekly services, or in my day-to-day living. I’ll admit, that’s not something I’m proud of, but do you know why I say

A man was shot after allegedly exposing himself and chasing a woman inside a Houston, Texas dentist office. ABC 13 reports: Houston police say a suspect who allegedly exposed himself inside a southeast Houston dental office was shot Tuesday in the office’s parking lot. Police say the suspect chased employees,

The fact that Hillary Clinton is still in the race, or even began to be in the race, for the White House is a testimony of the corruption in the Congress, the FBI, Homeland Security and the current White House administration. Below is a video from Melissa Dykes on just

BOOM! Hillary Clinton gives a shockingly truthful interview to a journalist for the first time in her life, in which admits to being a pathological liar and lesbian. Article by Bob Powell Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

A new micro-documentary from SGT Report exposes the New World Order and its modern day figureheads. Would you have the courage it would take to look the New World Order in the face – the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Bushes, the Clintons – and tell them exactly what you think of them?

Alan Schulkin, the Commissioner of the Board of Elections for New York City (a Democrat) was recorded on video explaining how voters are bused around the city from polling station to polling station to vote multiple times for Democratic candidates or for a particular issue. Because New York has no anti-voter fraud measures