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Springfield, VA – Gun Owners of America has just released a new video entitled, “The Lie Behind Gun Free Zones.” “I don’t want to feel safe, I want to be safe,” Larry Pratt, Executive Director Emeritus of Gun Owners of America, stated at the beginning of the video. The video

Kevuntez King sold newspapers for 5 Years and saved enough money to pay for college, while also earning straight A’s and playing sports. Memphis teen and high school graduate Kevuntez King has a message to Black Lives Matter activists: hard work, literally pays off. In a city of turbulence and

Unbeknownst to the vast majority of Americans who go about their lives in a zombified state existing somewhere between clueless and misinformed, right now figurative lines in the sand are being drawn, and both sides are digging in for the fight of our lifetime. Will the United States remain a

Former Education Secretary under Ronald Regan said, In America today, the longer you stay in school, the dumber you get…” –William Bennett Outside of the fact the federal government is illegally (Violation of Article 10 of The Bill of Rights) and intentionally indoctrinating American students in public schools through International

Have you seen the video of the “mock human sacrifice” that was conducted right outside the entrance of CERN? A spokeswoman for the European Organization for Nuclear Research (more commonly known as CERN) has told the public that this ritual happened without their permission and that they are looking into

In 1965, news commentator Paul Harvey opined about what the world would like if he was the devil. The recorded audio was revised in 1996, which was edited and posted online in the clip below. In order to rule the world, he says, he’d have to first take over America.

On Tuesday night, Donald Trump pivoted from foreign policy to domestic issues, during an important address from West Bend, Wisconsin. He used the opportunity to decry the violence that erupted over the weekend in Milwaukee but also to attack Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party’s role in making such violence

A Houston mother who drowned her two young children made her first court appearance on the charges on Wednesday. ABC 13 reports: Sheborah Thomas allegedly admitted to drowning her two kids before leaving their bodies under a neighbor’s home. … In 2012, her children were taken from her after her

If I could get my liberal Democrat friends to answer one question honestly, I think it would be this… “Do you really believe that Hillary Clinton is innocent of the crimes she’s been accused of and has been honest with the American people?” If they were being honest, I don’t

One could only conclude that Putin is not playing around anymore. Instead, Russia is out and out prepared for war. It is likely enough that we should expect it, too. Can you feel things heating up? These drills appear to be very serious training for the mobilization of a major