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The video of the arrest of 32-year-old Clinton N. Walker, a Hillsborough County firefighter, and emergency medical technician shows just how much a police officer’s word means – even when it is entirely false.

In a heroic attempt to save humanity from the dangers of someone forgetting to recycle, New York has deployed garbage police to sift through residents’ discarded household items.

Several hundred Christians pastors and leaders are running for office this fall, in addition to those who’ve already run for local office.

Say what you will about Donald Trump — how many years have people been begging for a Republican to just once take on the media the way Trump did? All the way from the premise, to the details, to the motivation, he took ’em all on…

Benghazi warrior Kris “Tanto” Paronto says of Hillary Clinton, “I don’t think she has a soul. I hope it haunts her. I don’t think it will… She lied to the family members, period. People are believing her over the family members of teammates that I lost.”

“The bulldozer,” at nearly 300 pounds and wielding a 3-foot long sword as his method of torture, was ISIS’s most feared executioner, beheading dozens of men and dismembering children accused of crimes by the ISIS terrorists, has been captured by the Syrian Army.

While buying a phone card, a Muslim “refugee” gets into an argument with the clerk and almost immediately flies into a violent rampage. Thankfully, there were three German men nearby who were able to stop him. Now, they are going to be prosecuted.

It appears that the president’s programming has broken down, as he was rendered unable to articulate the reasons that Donald Trump was such a dangerous candidate in the face of the “continued progress” that Hillary Clinton represents.