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A Seattle cop has finally been held accountable after brutally raping and torturing his own daughters for years.

So, we are continuing to hear about this drama at our expense why?  Oh, that’s right, it’s totally for political theater and to drive voters to the booths during mid-terms, because it’s certainly not to bring about resolve or justice.

The FBI and the mainstream media is just as corrupt as Communist Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Let’s see if the Department of Justice will at least pretend to go along with the president’s wishes and reopen the investigation.

If Willie Dille had not been a member of the Freedom Party, the party of Geert Wilders, and if she had not been raped by Muslims, there would be an international outcry. But there will be little to no notice of this, as Europe continues on the path to it own suicide.

Atlanta police Officer Ryan Chandler, 24, ran a stop sign and was not using emergency lights at the time of the crash. The man on the scooter was taken Grady Memorial Hospital, where he died.

A disturbing video captures the moments a police break the window on a vehicle and drag out a couple after allegedly wrongfully accusing them of a seat belt violation.

This imam’s mosque has attracted radicals over the years, including a man who later helped bomb the World Trade Center in 1993….

A 29-year-old amateur pilot and mechanic stole a plane and took off from Seattle’s Sea-Tac International Airport on Friday evening, going on what appeared to be a suicidal joyride before slamming the aircraft into Ketron Island and setting off a large forest fire.