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Liberty fades in the American heartland, but perhaps there’s still hope. Mark Dice discovers why he’s proud to be an American… These ill-informed zombies have no idea even about how many stars are on the flag, much less about what the Fourth of July represents: Pretty shocking. These millennial voters

An illegal immigrant from Mexico named Bonifacio Oseguera-Gonzalez murdered three people on a farm in Oregon. Well, now it turns out that he was deported six times before the murder. Here is the report: A Mexican national charged with aggravated murder in the shooting deaths of three people at a rural Oregon

While Hillary Clinton is telling everyone that it’s time to forget Benghazi, her incompetence or purposefulness in failing to supply proper security, and those who lost their lives as a result, the widow of fallen Benghazi SEAL Tyrone Woods said that Hillary has absolutely “no right” to tell her to

The BLM’s land management has been an epic failure and has either driven out, or burned out, much of Northern Nevada’s wildlife. As I have highlighted numerous times in previous articles and radio broadcasts, it seems that any time the federal government gets its tentacles into an operation the cost

Time and time again, pictures of “refugees” swarming across Western European, and American, borders continues to evidence what is missing: there are no women and children. These are all young, able-bodied men capable of fighting ISIS, if they were from Syria. But, they aren’t. Instead, they are coming from Islamic

A legal challenge to police profiling of Japan’s Muslim population has been dismissed by the Supreme Court. Al-Jazeera: Mohamed Fujita used to host religious study groups open to all Muslims at his home. But today, he’s afraid to invite strangers, in case they’re police informants. Extensive surveillance has put many people of

‘Muslim Advocates’ president, who managed to get all references to jihad, Muslim, and Islam purged from the 9/11 Commission Report and FBI training manuals, because she consider them bigoted, is unable to give Ted Cruz an answer when it comes to Islamic terrorism in America. Senator Ted Cruz grills DHS

Expect to hear the race baiters yelling, “She’s innocent until proven guilty…” Hmmmm. I wonder if they’ll mean “innocent until proven guilty” the way the officers were? Should there be a press conference held before it goes before the Maryland Bar Association with someone shouting: “This is your moment… this is

I reported on a lawsuit against the unconstitutional and criminal Transportation Security Agency on Thursday regarding a man who had to purchase another ticket due to the TSA not being efficient enough to get him on his flight, when he should have sued on Fourth Amendment violations. Now, a 19-year-old

The first death has been reported in self-driving cars. Our worst fears about artificial intelligence are already beginning to come true. A test man working with Tesla motors was killed after the autopilot feature failed to see a bright-white 18-wheeler which was poorly contrast against the bright lit sky. It